7 Great Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by surprise. To make sure that you and your family are safe, you may currently be living under lockdown conditions. 

Your children may not be going to school at the moment. If this is the case, you’ll have no doubt had to get used to having your kids around the house for so long. 

But being home for this length of time is not great for anyone. Keeping your children occupied is essential. 

Here are seven great ideas for keeping your kids occupied during the pandemic. 

1. Start a Family Book Club 

With no school for a while, it is essential that you encourage your children to focus on activities that will improve their skills. 

One thing that may help is if the whole of your family read the same book and talked about it together. 

Encourage your children to think and talk about the book. Help them develop the confidence to talk about what they have read. 

2. Home School 

Check with your children’s schools to see if they have supplied any work that your child should be doing at home. There is nothing stopping you using some online resources such as these free 2nd grade writing activities to help you teach your children while they are off. 

3. Backyard Camping 

Camping is a great experience. But with lockdown and social distancing in full swing, it’s hard to be able to go away anywhere. 

Camping out in the back garden is the next best thing.

4. Plant Vegetables 

Planting vegetables in your garden is a great way for your children to learn to take care of something that they have helped make. 

Start off with some seeds. Germinate them on the windowsill together and encourage your children to water the plants every day. 

Watch the plants grow and take photos of the progress so that your children can look back on the plants that they helped bring to life. 

5. Make Your Own Board Games 

If your children like to make up the rules for your favorite board games as they go along, you can create your own board games.

You could either make everything from scratch or mix up pieces from different games to make things a little more interesting. 

6. Write to Pen Pals

If your children can’t see their friends at the moment, why not encourage them to write to their friends

The lost hard of letter writing is having a massive resurgence in 2020 as children learn the joys of receiving letters instead of WhatsApp messages. 

7. Set Up a Treasure Trail 

If you want to keep your children amused for hours on end, why not set up a treasure trail for them to follow? 

Make the challenges as tricky as you possibly can with riddles that will make them think. 

Try and make the reward something that is good enough to keep them interested for a long time. 

7 Great Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied during COVID-19

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  3. 1. Take a walk. To make it more interesting observe nature while you’re at it.
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