Staying Safe on Vacation After the Quarantine

I hope that you all are surviving this COVID-19 outbreak and that you’re not going too crazy indoors. If you all are like me, one of the things I am missing the most right now, especially with the kids being out of school, is traveling. Now that we’re going on four months because of summer break, I want to go on vacation but I can’t and I’m not going to until I know things are safe. 

As we are starting to hopefully, hopefully come out of the end of this thing, I am looking ahead to travel and thinking ahead, “What are the things that I can do with my family to stay safe while we travel?” I’ve come up with sort of a beginner’s list of things that I’m thinking that we can do to stay safe while we travel. I want to share those things with you just in case you guys decide that you want to travel too, because I’m sure we’re all getting a little stir crazy out there.

Wait It Out

The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to wait to go on vacation. I’m not going to start planning a vacation next week or the week after that just because they’re starting to open up the beaches and the national parks. I’m going to give it a little bit more time. I’m going to let the crazy people out there be the guinea pigs. I mean, I’m sorry, but I’m not wanting to go out there and get sick or get others sick in case I’m asymptomatic. So I’m going to wait a little while, maybe a month or two and see how things go and then if the cases are declining then I’ll go ahead and start planning ahead for a vacation.

Go Somewhere Secluded

secluded vacation

The next thing I’m going to do to stay safe is I’m going to go and pick somewhere a little more secluded. I’m not going to hit up the tourist attractions where there’s going to be tons of people going. I’m going to choose to pick somewhere that’s a little more off the beaten path where there’s not going to be as many people so that we can really do our best to follow the social distancing rules. 

Stay Away From Big Resorts

The third thing I’m thinking I’m going to do is instead of staying at a big resort or hotel, I’m going to try to find a house or a condo that has a fully-stocked kitchen and that’ll lead in to my next point, is that I will plan my meals ahead so that we can avoid going to restaurants and attractions and things like that so that we can further avoid some crowds. So when we get somewhere and we get settled in we’ll just take, one of us will go to the grocery store and just stock up for however long we decide to stay and we’ll just cook our meals in instead of hitting up the restaurants because I really, really, really want to stay in as much as we can.

Avoid Busy Attractions

busy attractions

That brings me to my next point. Normally when we go on vacations, we like to find fun things to do, go to aquariums, zoos, museums, things like that. For one thing, some of those places are still going to be closed and so there goes that idea. And even if they are open, I’m probably not going to go to them unless they are something with hands-off exhibits where we can just walk around and see things, but even then we’re really going to feel things out and see how the crowds are and if it looks like it’s going to be a crowded place that people are not following social distancing rules, I’m not going to go there. We’ll just forego the attractions and lounge around on the beach or in the mountains or just away from people.

Wear a Mask

The final thing I’m going to do, and I know there’s a lot of controversy around them and I know people are still like, “Why do we still have to do this?” If we do go out, we’re going to all wear masks. I mean, it is what it is right now. We’re all in this thing together and we’ve got to protect each other. I’m going to wear my mask not only to protect myself and my family, but to protect those around me because I don’t want anyone to get sick. This is a serious thing and you all need to continue to take this serious and wear your masks. I know it’s an inconvenience and I know they’re uncomfortable and awkward, but we’ve got to it to help each other out. 

So those are my tips for traveling with COVID or during COVID or after COVID, wherever we’re at when we decide to travel. I hope if you all travel, I hope you stay safe and if you have any other tips or ideas on staying safe while traveling, post them in the comments. I’d love to hear your ideas because we’re all figuring this thing out together. 

Staying Safe on Vacation After the Quarantine

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  1. I think we ‘re all gonna be so scared to travel after this covid-19 is over..your tips are definitely needed to keep our families safe!

  2. So important to obey guidelines and stay safe

  3. LOVE this! We are really hoping to go on a vacation so these are amazing tips!°

  4. I have had the itch to travel ever since we had to cancel our Spring break plans due to the pandemic. I too have been trying to plan for future vacations and I love your idea to go to secluded places that are not too touristy. Great ideas!

  5. I needed this, thank you! We’ve had to cancel 1 trip and about to cancel another due to Quarantine. Looking to traveling again but don’t even know what they will look like when we’re “allowed” again

  6. I think it might be a while until travelling for leisure will be allowed again.

  7. As soon as Quarantine is over. I am packing my bags and going on a 1-month vacation.

  8. All helpful tips, but I wonder how everyone is going to handle being on planes, even if with find places that are secluded and away from the fray?

    1. I hope airlines will take action to have less people on board so passengers can be spaced out a little bit more. But it’s looking doubtful that that will happen.

  9. I didn’t travel much before so I probably won’t travel much afterwards, even though I would really like to. These are really great tips though for being safe when travelling.

  10. These are going to be big challenges when it comes to traveling. There are definitely a lot of limitations.

  11. I cant wait to be able to safely travel again but I think i will be a bit nervous to do so anytime soon

  12. We’re planning to go vacation after quarantine I really hope to end this crisis soon. These are the great tips and it would help a lot.

  13. blair villanueva

    Even before the pandemic, I prefer to visit places that got less touristy.
    Let’s include having health and travel insurance, and when the vaccine is available, grab that too!

  14. This article makes me so excited for when we do get to go on vacation again!

  15. Very timely post! We totally need to be cautious now. Every action we take can come with consequences so we should always think twice before doing anything, especially, anything that involves socializing and going out.

  16. It’s completely right to be cautious once this virus has passed. If anything, perhaps it has encouraged us to be a bit more active in looking after ourselves.

    Going somewhere off the beaten track is a good idea. It’s what we are planning to do too.

    Georgia| Britvoyage

  17. We can’t wait to go on a travel after this and these are useful tips to keep everyone safe. Thank u for sharing this ideas.

  18. I also thought of going to somewhere secluded and totally avoid main attractions once it’s okay to travel, starting here in the Philippines (I’ll most likely climb mountains and camping). These are amazing tips!

  19. These are great tips. While I love to travel and I miss it, I doubt I am going anywhere this year or early next year. I just don’t want to risk it.

  20. I could do with a break somewhere isolated in the countryside! Thanks for the great idea.

  21. Great tips! Staying safe is the need of the hour

  22. Great tips, I have a holiday to rebook but I am really worried about rebooking so may wait for a while.

  23. We will see how people react after this. Some people are already careless, so I’m sure they will be the first people to go and travel wherever. Hopefully people do think twice and just wait it out a bit. I would be too scared.

  24. Interesting post. Who knows when this will end or when we will be able to travel again. Hopefully soon but not too soon that we aren’t safe. Take care.

  25. I love these post-quarantine travel tips. They do come in handy. Honestly, I think many of us will be avoiding crowded areas for a while.

  26. I am so paranoid about this. I think about this often. These are great tips, but I think I will be waiting for a while before I take a vacation.

  27. Great tips for those ready To travel!

  28. We’ve debated a lot about going on a vacation this year. I guess we will have to weigh our options.

  29. These are great tips! My husband unfortunately travels for work and I’m so nervous for him to have to start again. We have a vacation scheduled in a few months (as long as it’s safe to go) and I will definitely remember these!

  30. These tips are must needed for everyone to travel around safely. I hope everyone follow these tips.

  31. Great thoughts. It will be so different when things are open for travel again…

  32. We all deserve a vacation and these are great tips for staying safe after quarantine.

  33. i’ve just accepted i wont be going traveling anytime soon as im high risk 🙁

  34. I so damn agree with you! I am a traveler myself and understand it is a tough time but we must all be safe first.

  35. This is so helpful thank you. I’ve been thinking a lot about travel after the virus so this makes things clearer!

  36. Gosh with our numbers still increasing we are not going anywhere any time soon unfortunately

  37. Travelling Vacations after this pandemic corono is so necessary for mind relaxing

  38. this is such a scary time, vacations may never be the same

  39. No travel for us this year due to the virus and crisis even after quarantine lockdown so will bookmark these tips for next year, thank you so much for sharing

  40. Yeah!! Travelling & vacation next would definitely than before, thanks for this sharing, wishing to be travelling soon. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  41. Blair villanueva

    I’m already cautious preCovid19 and I will be two times cautious post Covid19. Its better be always prepared.

  42. You’re absolutely right about avoiding busy attractions. I heard from the news that some theme parks are going to reopen their doors and to be honest, I feel that they shouldn’t. First, it’ll be crowded, they might not be able to practice social-distancing. Even if it’s observed, we wont know who’s COVID positive or not. The beach or the mountains is a better option.

  43. I am definitely worried about traveling after all this is over. Sometimes I feel like I am going to have some irrational fear. Trying not to think that way, but these are some great tips for when people start traveling again.

  44. This is amazing contents. Thanks for your knowledge.

  45. I agree with you. We better wait this out than be sorry.

  46. I didn’t know people were still vacations during right now. I think it’s important to stay home but if you are out and doing it safely I think it’s a great idea !

  47. This pandemic is so scary

  48. Travelling is never be the same again after this pandemic corono

  49. Wonderful advice indeed! This must be very useful to most people nowadays

  50. […] by surprise. To make sure that you and your family are safe, you may currently be living under lockdown […]

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