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Being a new mom is fraught with challenges, from breastfeeding to sleepless nights. As such, mothers are always on the lookout for new gadgets and gizmos that can help them. Unfortunately, though, they’re often simply unaware of what’s out there. Innovators are developing new products all the time, but moms don’t even know they exist. 

Therefore, in this post, we take a look at some of the gifts new moms would love but are totally off their radar. Check them out below: 

Hooded Bath Towels

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There’s nothing cuter than seeing a young baby in a hooded bath towel. But they’re not just about making your child look cute. They are also extremely practical. 

Baby Bottle Warmer

Keeping newborn bottles warm is a challenge, particularly if they are made of plastic. Usually, you have to whack them in the microwave, risking all those microplastics getting into the milk. 

The good news is that there is another way: baby bottle warmers. These are like warm socks or blankets that keep them at the perfect temperature for your baby. This way, you can help the mom in your life avoid constant trips to and from the kitchen when she feels exhausted. 

BPA-Free Toothbrush

Baby products retailers, such as Purely Family, are becoming increasingly aware of the safety issues that some products pose to newborn babies. That’s why they are offering BPA-free products, such as toothbrushes. These do not contain bisphenol-A, a highly toxic compound associated with hormone disruption and various cancers.

Backpack Crib

Traveling with your baby is challenging, even with the best preparations. You have to fold up all of their essentials, including the crib, and then reconstruct it wherever you go. 

With a backpack crib, though, you can sidestep all these issues. These neatly fold away, letting you take them wherever you want to go. They’re a rare breed, though, so you can sometimes struggle to find them. 

Breathable Crib Mattress

Anything that helps the baby to sleep is always a bonus for new moms. Even if they can get just fifteen minutes extra per night, that can often make all the difference in the world. 

This is where breathable crib mattresses come in handy. These regulate temperatures under your baby to ensure that they have a better night’s sleep using a combination of regular polymer and air. 

Electric Breast Pump

Sometimes moms don’t want to feed their babies directly but still want them to benefit from the goodness of natural milk. That’s where breast pumps can come in handy. These slip under bras easily and allow the mum in your life to comfortably extract milk when she has a free moment. 

Mom Necklace

Lastly, being a mom should sometimes be fun. Wearing a “mom” necklace can be a great badge of honor, helping to form her identity in her new role. 

When it comes to mom necklaces, you’re spoiled for choice. Mum can wear it at many different functions and events, and it can also go with her other outfits or even work clothes. 

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