You probably already use your phone to communicate with others, check in with social media, and record your priceless memories via photo or video. But did you know that with some add-on gadgets your phone can help you do virtually anything, right from the palm of your hand? Read on to learn about 5 devices that will make your phone even smarter.


Vehicle Controller

Just by installing a simple device in your automobile, your smartphone can secure your car plus give you access to a host of very cool features. You’ll be able to remotely lock and unlock the doors, start the engine, adjust the cabin temperature, and even pop the trunk. Many platforms also have the ability to locate your car in a crowded parking lot simply by using your phone. Best of all, because the systems are controlled by your smartphone, you needn’t be in range to take charge of your vehicle as is required with a standard fob.

House Key

It’s not just automobiles that are getting smarter, but also dwellings. While you may already have an app-based home security system that you monitor with your phone, you may not know that devices are now available to pair your phone with your door locks. Once a smart lock is installed, there’s no more fumbling for your keys as you juggle a bundle of groceries trying to get in the front door. Your smartphone can let you inside while keeping unwanted folks out; you can even allow timed entries for repair people or anyone else who needs to access your house when you’re not there. No more hiding a spare key in the flower bed.

Photo Printer

In addition to tools for big objects like your car and home that aren’t normally tied to your smartphone, there are also useful gadgets that expand the capabilities of your phone’s own features. Portable photo printers can turn your selfies into instant keepsakes thanks to advances in inkless printing. Since most of these pocket printers use paper that is embedded with special color crystals, no ink cartridges are required. Just connect your phone to the printer via Wi-Fi and select the photo you wish to print, then in under a minute you’ll have a picture to share or treasure.

Video Projector

If you’ve shot tons of video on your smartphone but would love to see your cinematic masterpieces on the big screen, try adding a projector to your phone. Most connect via USB to your phone’s charger input, giving them a true plug-and-play interface. Although much smaller and less clunky than projectors of the past, these smart devices promise to deliver top-notch video quality. Just plug one in to create a personalized movie night featuring your epic road trip or your kids’ latest high jinks.


You’re probably not a TV news anchor, so why should you have a teleprompter? Because chances are that somewhere, sometime, you’re going to have to give a presentation at work or speak in your community. Being prepared and polished can make the difference between delivering a great speech or a dud. Products like the Parrot Smartphone Teleprompter can help you speak confidently and comfortably, with no more fumbling through index cards or a handwritten script. Most prompters attach to your phone, and some let you mount a camera right behind the screen so you can look directly at your audience if your presentation is being recorded.

You may feel like you rely on your smartphone for almost everything you do, but it turns out it can do even more for you. These nifty devices are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting all you can out of your phone.

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