3 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For A Winter Staycation

If you are having a staycation this fall and winter, instead of taking a trip, then you might be thinking of ways to freshen your home for the occasion. Millions of people around the world are opting to stay home this holiday season instead of going out of town, simply due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and travel plans. After a crazy year, some families want nothing more than to hunker down, relax together and enjoy time at home instead of embarking on a lengthy trip. This being said, staying home can sometimes pass you by, and many people are searching for ways to freshen up, change the scenery and mark the occasion, despite being in the same home they’ve lived in for years. 

Read on to find out three ways to freshen up your home for a winter staycation. 

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  1. Splash out on the treats. 

That’s what vacations are for, right? On vacation you do things you wouldn’t usually do at home – eat dessert every night, stay up late, sleep in the next morning, get a little tipsy after the kids are in bed, explore your locale and generally let your hair, and the rules, hang down. So even though you are staying home for this vacation, the same rules should still apply. That means relaxed bedtimes, extra dessert, and chilled-out rules for all. If you think it’s all a little too much, ask yourself, ‘Would I do this if I were on vacation?’ If the answer is ‘Yes!’ then go for it. Just because you are staying home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel like you’re taking a break and treating yourself. 

Still don’t feel like you’re on vacation? Why not explore the local town! Okay, you live in the town, so the element of surprise is out of the window. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some exploration – there are bound to be some nooks and crannies you have always passed by and never looked at twice. Feel as if you’re on vacation by taking a stroll around the neighbourhood, discovering the place with fresh eyes. 

  1. Physically Freshening Up The Place

If eating your bodyweight in dessert isn’t your idea of vacation, perhaps some light home improvement will do the trick. Here are some ideas for freshening up the place during your staycation!

  • Repainting in a fresher color. Have you always wanted to repaint your home but never really found the time? If you are more of an active vacationer than a lying-around-all-week type then a DIY paint job might just give you the vacation satisfaction you wanted. 
  •  Improving the garden. If you are outdoorsy and don’t want to be stuck indoors, you could improve your garden by re-planting, landscaping and pruning to your heart’s delight. 
  • Make it simple. You don’t have to tear the place down and rebuild it to have fun freshening up – putting some fresh flowers in a vase and lighting a few candles might just do it for you. 

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  1. Create Your Own Winter Wonderland

The wonderful things about winter time truly are wonderful. Snow, hot drinks, hats and scarves, and a true sense of crisp cosiness in the air. If you are missing that on your staycation, why not recreate it? Here’s how, in a few simple steps. 

  • Set the scene. That means investing in some new blankets and slippers; bringing in treats in the form of chocolate, marshmallows and cream for the ideal hot chocolate and renewing your Netflix subscription. All this creates the ideal scene for your own winter wonderland – cosy, delicious, and not a care in the world. When the world is snowing and freezing outside, staying in and getting snuggly is the ideal winter scene.
  • Snow and festivities. Lean into the festive cheer this holiday season by getting your festive cheer in order. This could mean purchasing snow in a can, carving some pumpkins, getting into your fancy dress turkey outfit and really going all out on the holiday celebrations. Even if you don’t love it, it’s guaranteed your kids will. 
  • Scented candles. What else needs to be said? Ever since Oprah, the queen of winter gifts, made giving scented candles into a total meme, scented candles are an absolute must for creating an ideal winter wonderland in your home. Try and source candles with wholesome, wintry scents like cinnamon, woodsmoke and pine. 

In conclusion, vacations don’t have to be flashy, nor do they require a trip abroad. If you are staying home this winter, why not branch out into staycation glory, and have the time of your life right where you are. 

3 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For A Winter Staycation

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  1. This looks like a ton of fun and I love the images. It’s nice to get cozy and warm inside while its cold out. Great post, Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you! If you are going to travel soon, consider getting vaccinated. Vaccination will protect most people from getting infected with the novel coronavirus and this is really important nowadays 🙂

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