3 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Relationships

3 ways meditation can improve your relationships

People are quick to point out the physical benefits of meditation like lowered blood pressure and decreased anxiety. But meditation doesn’t just affect your physical health. It can also affect the health of your relationships. Here are just a few of the relationship benefits you’ll get if you regularly practice mediation:

The Ability to Listen

Meditation teaches you how to be present in the moment. It gives you the chance to check in with your mind and body. But more importantly, it shows you how to listen. This can come in handy when it comes to defusing arguments with your partner and loved ones.

You and your partner may argue over who will wake the kids up and get them ready for school. One morning your spouse might wake up cranky and be frustrated that it is their turn to take the kids to school which leads to an argument.

But if you’ve been meditating, then you know to slow down and tune into your partner. You notice the bags under her eyes and say, “I’ll handle the kids today. You look tired. Is there something else I could take off your plate?”

The Ability to Step Back

Sometimes, loved ones disappoint us. On those days, it’s easy to start focusing on everything you do and everything your loved one doesn’t do.

You might fume to a co-worker, “I chauffer the kids every evening so he can have time to de-stress after work. But he complains when I ask him to do something simple like pack the children’s lunch bags.”

Meditating helps you remember that the universe is vast and these problems are small in the scheme of things. It doesn’t mean you’re not irritated. It just means you don’t let that irritation develop into a huge fight next time you see your spouse.

The Ability to Show Compassion

Your friend who routinely quits her jobs is whining about money problems again. You love your friend but she always creates her own problems then asks you for a solution.

You might find yourself being a little more compassionate after meditation. You empathize with her lack of money by saying, “It stinks when finances are tight. Hang in there. Things will get better.”

Then you change the subject of the conversation. Your friend feels like she was heard and you avoided the usual theatrics. That’s a win-win.

Meditation can benefit your life in many ways. But like all practices, you get out of what you’re willing to put into it. If you want the benefits of meditation you have to make it a priority. Meditate daily and you will begin to see the benefits in your relationship.

22 thoughts on “3 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Relationships”

  1. Great points, I find meditation so helpful but often we don’t think about the exact, tangible ways it helps us. It’s great to have these points all laid out, I definitely recognize these things improving so thanks for the reminder!

  2. These are all good things to keep in mind. I think in general it makes sense, to allow time to think on things before reacting too quickly with anything negative.

  3. Rupal – Buffalo, NY – Hi there! I’m Rupal, first time mom to a sweet baby girl. This space is where I share my experiences, tips and tricks on motherhood and my love for fashion, travel, healthy lifestyle and anything that inspires me.

    I love to meditate for a few minutes a day. It feels so good and relaxing.

  4. I live practicing meditation and try to pair it with yoga. I always have trouble sitting still so the activity of yoga helps me to still my mind.

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