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3 Tasks You Should Outsource This Holiday Season


The holidays are meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. However, due to the many traditions people may adopt through the years, it often becomes near-constant work to make sure everything looks just right for all the various parties and events. Instead of relaxing in the weeks leading up to the holidays, it’s easy to spend every weekend putting up lights, getting decorations out of storage, and then getting them all displayed just right.


This year, let somebody else do that work so you can focus on enjoying the holiday season. Here are three jobs you probably do each year that you should hire somebody else to handle.

  1. Holiday Lighting

Outdoor Christmas lights are beautiful, and they’re one of the most magical parts of the season. But behind the pretty lights is usually a weekend full of frustration and maybe a few not-so-jolly words. Untangling cords is enough of a hassle on its own, but then the real fun begins: you have to figure out which lights need replacing. In addition, ladders make a lot of people uneasy. 

This year, hire professional Christmas lighting designers to handle one of the season’s most taxing traditions. You won’t have to worry about storage, setup, or takedown — you get all of the benefits with none of the work. Think of how much time and money Clark Griswold would have saved if he’d hired out. 

As a bonus, if you’re not confident in your decorating skills, you should be able to get a beautiful display to be proud of if you hire professionals. 

  1. Snow Removal 

Regardless of what kind of shape you’re in, snow removal is a difficult chore. Snow removal is infinitely easier if you have a good snowblower, but it’s even easier if you have somebody else take care of it. 

Snow removal businesses will watch the weather and be prepared to remove your snow when it hits. Think of all the extra time you’d have this winter if you took shoveling the driveway off your to-do list. 

  1. Interior Holiday Decorations

Much of the holiday excitement stems from the novelty of all the unique decorations: it can be hard to pin down what might constitute a summer decoration, but anyone can spot Christmas decorations. Entire businesses revolve around Christmas decor, and beyond the ornaments and trinkets themselves, you can hire professional designers to actually do the decorating for you. This is often a service offered by interior designers. 

Some of these decorators will help you find and display decorations you’ll own, and others will provide everything from start to finish, which will include taking down the decorations within an appropriate timeframe. So not only can you avoid the work of finding, storing, and decorating, but you also don’t have to worry about still having your Christmas decor on display as February nears. 

This year, you can enjoy all the perks of a wonderful holiday without storing any of the equipment. Hire somebody else to do the hard work related to holiday celebrations so you can focus on enjoying time with family and friends. If you’re not stressed about decorations or snow removal, you’ll be less likely to end up on Santa’s naughty list. 

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