21 day fix

What is the thing you have the hardest time with when it comes to getting in shape? Working out? Eating healthy? Portion control? Lack of time? Guess what?! I have a program that has all of those things covered. This program is just 21 days long, comes with short 30 minute a day workouts, a meal planning guide and food containers to help you with portion control. This system takes the guess work out of everything!

A childhood friend of mine decided to try out 21 Day Fix after having her baby. Within 21 days of following the workout schedule, meal plan and drinking Shakeology she was able to lose 18 lbs! That is just amazing! And not has she lost weight, but she is feeling more energetic. A mom of 3 needs all of the energy she can get!!

21 Day Fix

If you are ready to start your fitness journey I’m here to help! As your Beachbody coach I will help hold you accountable to your workouts and healthy eating. You will also have access to my amazing accountability groups. Just email me at cyndi@https://www.momelite.com to find out how to get started or order your challenge pack here.  Be sure to ask me how you can get a discount on your Shakeology order!

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  1. I have a friend that uses Shakeology, I think she is also a Beachbody coach. I’ve kinda been waiting to see how she does before doing anything new. I’ve lost 24 pounds by drinking more water and making sure I have moving activity everyday. Some days its walking/running, some days its yard work- just something that’s not sitting! My day can run away from me if I am reading, doing homeschool with my daughter, or working (driving a school bus and sitting), so I have to keep mindful of moving around!

    1. I have a lot of friends, who like you wanted to see how I did with the programs before making the leap. Understandably, they wanted to make sure this wasn’t just a trend for me that I was just going to give up on. I’ve been going strong with Beachbody since April and don’t intend on backing down. Hopefully your friend will do the same! Congratulations on your weight loss!!

  2. Those are fast results! Sigh. I really need to get to working out daily.

  3. Losing that much weight in 21 days seems like a dream. I know people who swear by the program too. Kudos to all who have success in it!

  4. I am going to have to talk to my doctor about this as I am type 2 diabetic, but I hate to take the time to eat, that is until I am starving then I will eat anything and tons of it! This would be nice for breakfast and lunch. Thanks for your review.

    1. If you have any health conditions it’s always good to consult with your doctor before starting a program like this.

  5. that is awesome!! 21 days is no time to get those results!

  6. I did T25, which looks similar to this work out routine. It was hard, but helped me to lose those extra lbs. from my 2nd pregnancy. Is this part of the beachbody series of workouts?

    1. It is a Beachbody workout! I actually just finished my second round of T25 with my husband!

  7. wow! you got such amazing result in 21 days! kudos!

  8. Sounds like a plan I need. 30 minutes a day is not bad.

  9. Hm, this seems like something that might actually work for me! I’ve had a real tough time losing weight since I had my son in 2010.

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