holiday recovery

holiday recovery

So we are back in action after a holiday weekend. And I don’t know about you guys but we had five days off this weekend (well, because I have kids I had five days off) . I don’t know about you guys, but it’s really hard for me to come back to work. Last night as I was going to bed, I was like, I don’t want to go tomorrow, can I just go to school with the kids? That sounds like so much more fun than coming to the office and working, I want to go to school with the kids, they don’t know how easy they have it, oh my gosh!

But, as life has it, we have to get back in action and get back out there. So I’m going to give you all some tips on how I was able to get back in there this morning and get in action, because it’s not easy. I didn’t want to do it, but I did it.

1. Wake Up Early

So the first thing I did was despite my not wanting to and despite staying up late all week last week, I set my alarm clock for six o’clock this morning because that’s the best way to get going. I have to get up early so that I can be ready for the kids and be ready to get them ready. So I got up at six o’clock this morning, which before the holidays. I was getting up at 6:30, 6:45 rushing the kids, “We’ve got to go! We’ve got to go!” But I didn’t want to do that this morning, I didn’t want to start my week out that way, so I got up at six o’clock this morning so that I would have some time for myself, to do some things for myself so that I could be a happier person for the kids this morning. So that’s the first thing I did is I got up early.

2. Meditate

The next thing I did is something that I am not in the habit of doing, but it’s something that I need to do, and everybody keeps telling me I need to do it. I started my morning out after waking up early, by meditating. I just found a short little 10 minute meditation on YouTube and I just sat there and meditated. I want to say I did the best job I could, my mind wanders like crazy, I have such a hard time just relaxing and letting my thoughts flow by; but I did the best I could and it can only get easier if I do it more often. So that’s something that I am going to work at doing at least four days a week, doing morning meditation just for 5 to 10 minutes. There’s tons of YouTube videos out there, you can find stuff on Google music for meditation, so that’s something that I really recommend everyone doing.

3. Workout

The next thing I did is I worked out. I have to have my morning workout or I am not a nice person. I know I say it all the time and I know people get sick of hearing me talk about working out but it’s true, I am useless if I don’t work out in the morning before I go to work. So I did my 30 minute workout and I was done and I felt so much better afterwards.

4. Personal Development

Another thing that I like to do in the mornings when I have time, when I wake up early like I did this morning is I like to get in a little bit of personal development. This can be anything from reading a personal development book, listen to something on audible or listening to a podcast. I just really like doing anything with personal development or business development too, I really really enjoy listening to business development podcasts; it’s just a good way to get my mind going and get myself thinking and ready to take on the work week, it just gets me so much more motivated.

5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

The last thing is, I just have to make sure I eat nutritious breakfast. When I skip breakfast, I’m really grouchy and I don’t realize it until my husband and I start getting on each other’s nerves. Because we work together throughout the day and, especially if both of us skip breakfast, it’s not a pretty sight, it’s not pretty at all. So it’s so important, even if you’re not hungry, you really need to eat a nutritious breakfast because it’s just a good way to get your mind going and so you’re not going to work on an empty stomach and you’re not having to have those snack breaks; you tend to not eat as healthy when you’re just snacking around. So if you eat a good nutritious breakfast, you’re going to be more likely to eat healthy throughout the day and make good decisions.

So those are my five tips to get started this week.

Now I am at work and I am at work 30 minutes early guys, this never happens, I never get to work early. I’m here, I got here at 8:30, guys, that never happens. I got to the kids to school 10 minutes earlier than I normally do.

So if you do these five things, it will make your day better, at least I hope it does.

Do you all have any tips for getting your day started off better? I would love to know what you guys do because I love hearing what other people are doing and what’s working and what doesn’t. I know I’m going to have a hard time this week staying at this but I am determined because I don’t want to have a bad week.



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  1. Ugh. Jan 3rd totally sucks. TRYING VERY HARD NOT to think about POST-HOLIDAY blues! ha ha!

  2. It can be tough to get back to work after having a break. It is nice to enjoy sleeping in and having a relaxing schedule!

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