winter hiking tips

winter hiking tips

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Winter is a fantastic time of year to go hiking. Bears are in hibernation, the bugs are gone and the snow is beautiful. I love hiking in the winter, but it’s important to go on your hike prepared. Here is my list of must-have gear for hiking in the winter:

  1. Waterproof Boots

    I once hiked up to Mount Cammerer in February in tennis shoes. I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was miserable. It may have been in the 60’s in the valley where I live, but it was in the 30’s on the mountain with a fresh layer of snow and higher than usual water to cross. To say I felt like an idiot hiking that day in my tennis shoes is an understatement. I don’t care what the weather is like when you leave for your hike. Wear some waterproof boots in the winter. You will thank me for this tip!
  2. THICK Socks

    Reference my above story about the snow and cold weather. Wear thick socks. There is nothing worse than cold feet. I take that back. Cold WET feet are worse.
  3. Waterproof Pants

    There is a good chance if there is snow your pants are going to get wet. Especially if you have a cross any small bodies of water during your hike. Go ahead and invest in either some good snow pants. It will be worth it.
  4. Thick Gloves

    Protect your hands from frostbite by wearing some good gloves. I will likely wear my gloves I bought for my ski trip next time I go hiking this winter.
  5. Chapstick

    My lips are hurting just thinking about this one. The cold and wind will kill your lips while you are hiking. Hook yourself up by bringing along some good chapstick.

My treat for you making it through this list is a 360 video we put together from our trip to Mount Cammerer. Seasoned hikers, I would love to hear from you! What hiking gear do you take along for your winter hikes?

ultimate guide to winter hiking

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  1. Yes I agree with you, appropriate waterproof boots are the first thing we should have when going hiking. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I’ve actually been researching this. We moved from the midwest to close to Canada last year and last winter was rough. I’ve been reading There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather and it had some great tips too, but this post makes it sound easy!

  3. Great tips! I agree with chapstick and great boots!

  4. I’m not much of a hiker, but there is one thing in here even I can get behind. Appropriate footwear is a MUST! You never know what you’ll find on hiking trips.

  5. These are actually great gift ideas for my dad and step mom! They love camping and hiking and my dad actually is a ranger at one of our state parks. 🙂 So, I know these would be some great products for them to have!

  6. Oh my I would have never thought about waterproof pants. But I always have some chapstick available! Great tips!

  7. These are definitely good items to have if hiking in the winter!

  8. The chances of finding me hiking in the winter, are slim haha. However, all great tips for those who are brave.

  9. I’m not into hiking, but these tips do sound helpful.

  10. Great list for keeping warm when hiking in winter. Chapstick is a must!

  11. I love my waterproof boots. I bought them when I went to Alaska on vacation a few years ago. I find I wear them a lot during the winter months in the mid west. After hiking around in the snow with my daughter I realized I need some waterproof pants.

  12. I am not a fan of cold weather, but I live in Upstate NY, so it is hard to escape from it. These are all great tips for keeping safe and warm in the cold.

  13. Great tips for hikers who hike in cold weather. For me personally, I prefer to hike in warm weather.

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