Wig Review: Abundance by Styles by Soma

This is a wig review for a beautiful, long 360 wig. This one is Abundance by Styles by Soma. This is a very long, red wig. And it’s absolutely gorgeous with these beautiful waves all throughout.

Cap Construction

This wig is a full lace wig and it’s a 360 wig, which means that when you get your wig, you’ll have lace all the way around this wig. So you’ll have to cut the lace. But that also means that since it’s a full 360 wig, you’ll be able to wear this one in a ponytail.

Cap Size

I have a 21-inch head and I have it adjusted down to the smallest strap size and it fits me nice and snug. I can wear this wig comfortably even without a wig grip. But with that being said, it’s adjustable to where it can be adjusted up to a larger size, and it’s very stretchy. This is average to big head friendly.

Comfort Level

This one is very, very comfortable. I can wear this one without a wig cap and I don’t feel itchy. It feels incredibly comfortable. The hair is nice and soft and lightweight. My only complaint about this one is because it is so long and full, this is not something that I would wear in the summertime because I feel like I would be constantly playing with it and trying to get it off of my neck because I do tend to get a little hotter in the summertime.

Free Part

This is a free part wig, which means that you can part this any way that you want. With that being said, I don’t know that I would want a strict part in this wig because I feel like it’s meant to be worn kind of wild and free.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions for me, leave your questions in the comments.

Wig Review: Abundance by Styles by Soma

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