Wig Review: Attentive by Styles by Soma

This is a review of my all-time favorite wig, Attentive by Styles by Soma. It feels and, I think, looks natural on me. It’s not super heavy, even though it has a lot of volume, it’s not heavy at all. And it feels freaking fantastic on my head. The reason why it feels so good on my head is because it is a hand-tied wig.


I’m really petite, got a small head, and this is the perfect wig for small heads. It has adjustable straps and is perfect for 19″-23″ heads.


This wig is incredibly comfortable and lightweight. It is hand-tied meaning, each little strand of hair is hand-tied into this cap. And so, it makes it a lot softer, a lot more lightweight. And it’s just so much easier to wear. This wig is perfect for summer weather.

Free Part

This is a free part wig so you can style it any way you like. I personally just like the messy style since it has bouncy curls.

wig review attentive

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