When we start to feel under the weather, the first thing most people would do is to contact their family doctor to book an appointment. However, due to the wealth of information available online, and the prospect of ‘Doctor Google’ becoming more and more qualified to help with some form of basic diagnosis without jumping to the immediate ‘worst-case scenario’ people are becoming more and more aware of their bodies and working out which healthcare provider specialists to see when things go wrong. 

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It could be that you’re already receiving at-home care from a friend or family member through a healthcare company such as Freedomcare to help you with everyday activities.  In which case, making sure that both you and your caregiver get specialist advice about your condition is paramount. 

But is it time to ditch the family doctor? Here are some of the things you will need to think about before making the switch over to a specialist healthcare provider. 

Can Family Doctors Still Be Trusted? 

Family doctors are generalists in the medical field. This means that they can often misdiagnose conditions, or only prescribe treatment to a particular point. Others may have experienced a lack of empathy from a family doctor which has left them feeling unimportant and uncared for. A solution could be to look for an alternative family doctor, but that process could prove to be lengthy. This is where visiting a local specialist may benefit. 

Whatever your medical complaint, there will likely be specialists in your local area who can offer you a specific level of treatment with a better level of service and potentially more accuracy when it comes to diagnosing your specific condition due to their expert knowledge. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your condition will be dealt with promptly without having to wait in line for too long. 

Healthcare Providers Treat Specific Conditions

For people suffering from long-term health complaints, knowing that they have the right care helps on the journey to managing their condition and if recovery is possible.  Or even for those who have encountered similar symptoms in the past and have a good idea about what the issue could be. It is possible to go directly to a specialty that can help with a specific condition. 

Self-diagnosis is never recommended, but specialists will also offer consultations to do this. 

When Should I Still See my Family Doctor? 

Some family doctors will provide an excellent service, and if you have used the same doctor for several years then you will have built a relationship with them. They can also refer you to specialists if the treatment you need falls out of their areas of expertise.  They can run diagnostic tools to see what the issue is if you don’t trust online platforms. 

Seeing somebody you know and trust initially can help to ease any feelings of anxiety you may have about visiting a medical professional to get a formal diagnosis when you feel unwell. 

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