What to Know When Buying a Car for Your Teen
What to Know When Buying a Car for Your Teen

There comes a time for many teenagers when they finally get their license. A driver’s license promotes independence, free will, and a sense of adulthood. While most people receive their license at some point in their life, there’s another important coming-of-age moment for teens when they get their first car. As a mom, you must read this guide on what to know when buying a car for your teen so that you know what to expect.

Talk to Them Beforehand

You can skip this step if you’re buying a car as a birthday or graduation surprise, but before looking at vehicles, talk to your child to explain the risks and responsibilities of becoming an independent driver. Owning a car is a large responsibility, including proper maintenance, upkeep, and safe driving patterns. Explain to them the risks of improper handling or distracted driving and their respective consequences if ignored.

Price and Mileage

If you’re buying a car for your teenager, make sure you look at the price and mileage. You can purchase either a new or used vehicle. New cars have almost no mileage and often come with improved safety and performance packages but at a significantly higher price. Used cars come at a drastically reduced price, but they also come with higher mileage, wear, lower condition, and outdated safety and performance capabilities depending on the year. Keep this in mind when doing your research. It might help to look for a used car from a few years ago to keep prices and mileage reasonably lower while still seeing the improved car features found in newer models.

Maintenance and Safety

There are many safety and maintenance tips for young drivers to know for any vehicle. Your teen doesn’t need to be a licensed mechanic to know basic maintenance and upkeep. Checking fluids, tires, and conditions are all universal skills every driver should know. The last thing you want is your child to pull over on a busy highway because the engine is smoking. Teach and show them how to perform these maintenance tips for their car so that they’re ready for any issue.

Search Different Makes and Models

With many different makes and models on the market, it’s no surprise that car shopping is confusing for most people. Still, for what to know when buying a car for your teen, do your research. Get a sense of brand reliability, fuel economy, technological features, and resale value for different vehicles. Your child may want a brand-new sports car or lifted-pickup truck, but they don’t need it. A general sedan or SUV will get them where they need to go. Look online or go to different dealerships with your teen to find one that works for everyone.

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