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When you help to care for an elderly loved one, going on vacation might seem like it’s impossible. You have made a commitment to help care for someone and taking a break is not easy. Even if you do make plans to go away, you might worry about your loved one and if they are receiving the support that they need. You don’t have to miss out on going away or taking a break if you are a caregiver, though. It is possible to arrange a vacation if you want to get away for a while and there are a few ways you could make the right arrangements.

How Much Support Is Needed?

One thing to consider is how much support your loved one needs. While some elderly people might need around-the-clock care, others might only require someone to check on them once a day. If you don’t provide a lot of care to your loved one, it might be simple to arrange for a neighbor, friend, or family member to take your place while you’re away. It could even be acceptable to call or get in touch another way every day and have someone on standby to help in case of an emergency.

Out of Home Care

If your loved one requires more care, you might need to make professional care arrangements. Care outside of your loved one’s usual home is one option and can also be a way to give them a vacation and a break from everyday life too. You can consider respite care for seniors as one of the ways to ensure the appropriate care is provided. It can allow your loved one to stay in a safe environment where they receive the support they need, as well as meet other people and get the chance to do various activities. It can also be a trial run for a more permanent arrangement.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

In-Home Care

You might prefer to look into in-home care options while you’re aware. This can provide you with more reassurance in some cases and might be easier for your loved one. Staying in a familiar environment can be important for some people who might be upset if their usual routine is disrupted. You can arrange for someone to visit your loved one at home however many times you might need them to. Or someone could stay with them if they require around-the-clock care.

Traveling with Your Loved One

Some people might consider going on vacation with the person they care for. This could be an option if they don’t need a lot of support and would be happy to come with you. It might give both of you peace of mind, and everyone will be able to enjoy a vacation together. Before choosing this option, think about whether it’s practical or if it might make your trip more stressful when it doesn’t need to be. You could also bring extra support with you if you feel you need more help.

Being a caregiver for an elderly loved one doesn’t have to stop you going on vacation. You can make arrangements so you both can have a break.

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