Ways To Make Your Workouts More Effective
Ways To Make Your Workouts More Effective

If you’re noticing your workouts aren’t providing the same kind of challenge as they used to, or just want to find ways to challenge yourself further, then allow us to suggest some ways to make your workouts more effective. This can be done by adding onto the challenge or taking an extra step to keep your routine well documented and planned out.

Switch Up the Routine

After practicing a routine for a while, your body adjusts and becomes used to the movements—finding ways to perform them more effectively that is less strenuous for your body. This, unfortunately, is counterintuitive towards your goal of challenging your body and making progress. You should devise a few different routines that focus on different exercises and muscle groups that you cycle throughout the week to prevent your body from getting too used to any of them.

Workout Accessories

Another great way to make your workout more effective is by using supplemental exercise accessories. This includes equipment such as dumbbells or resistance bands and, for your purposes, will be used to add an extra challenge to the exercises you’ve already been doing. Dumbbells, for instance, are fantastic additions to bodyweight exercises if you feel like your body weight isn’t enough to give yourself a real challenge.

Workout Journals

The benefits may not seem entirely apparent at the beginning, but using a workout journal will help you keep track of your progress and express how you feel each day. As you write in your journal, you’ll be able to look back and take note of what days you were at your best, and what factors attributed to those. This will help you replicate your better days and avoid the worst so that you can finely tune your routine to your specific needs.

Having a clear track record of your progress is also helpful. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, progress can feel slow going and it’s hard to tell if you’re actually accomplishing anything until a drastic change becomes apparent. By keeping records of your progress, you can discern whether you need to change your exercise routine to be more or less intensive to see greater results.

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