Ways To Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel
Ways To Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

Your fireplace is a useful item. During the cooler weather, it can help keep you warm. It’s also a useful feature to decorate . If you’re looking to turn your fireplace into the focal point of your room, follow the steps in this article. If,instead, you’re looking for a few ways to furnish it, check out these helpful ways to decorate your fireplace mantel.

Take the Seasonal Approach

The easiest way to decorate your fireplace mantel is to take the seasonal approach. If you like decorating for the holidays, your fireplace is a prime location. You can use your fireplace to hang stockings during Christmas . Seasonal garlands are great as well. For example, during fall , you can decorate with a multi-color leaf garland. During winter, garlands that include Christmas ornaments and lights are a popular choice.

The summer and spring seasons can also influence your décor inspiration. Consider using flowers, both real and fake, to place around your mantel piece. Using the seasons to inspire your décor is a great first approach.

Memorabilia Lane

If you have pictures ready to be framed, your fireplace is a great location for memorabilia. Consider decorating it with your favorite memories. You can mix things up by using a variety of different frame styles and designs.

Display Artwork and Mirrors

Aside from memories, you can also use your fireplace to display different art pieces. Try using a decorative layering method. You can do this with one piece of artwork slightly behind or in front of another. This will create an layered, scale-like appearance.

If you don’t have artwork, placing a unique mirror on your mantel piece is a great idea as well. A mirror can help a small space appear much larger. Using it as décor for your fireplace is a great way to expand your room.

Get Creative

The best and last way to decorate your fireplace is to get creative. You don’t have to follow all these tips, but one is key: you can use a wide range of different items to create a unique aesthetic. From art pieces, to plants, and small pieces of different décor. The approach you take is largely influenced by your personality and style. Be sure to let it speak for itself.

These are just a few ways to decorate your fireplace. Your approach should be based entirely on what look and feel you want to create. Once you have an idea of how to do this, you’re ready to give your fireplace an entirely new look.

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