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*If you are viewing this blog post from a mobile device click on the video title to open the YouTube app. This will allow you to view the 360 experience.*
Have you ever wanted to go hiking, but didn’t have an hour or more to drive to get there? Or even the time to hike up to the top of your favorite peaks? My husband and I have come up with a solution for you! We have decided to take our passions and combine them. Virtual reality and hiking. Our goal is to hike up to our favorite places taking 360 video along the way. We are going to turn this 360 video into a virtual reality experience allowing you to get a quick little getaway to the mountains.

Last weekend we hiked up to Max Patch. This is a beautiful bald practically on the North Carolina/Tennessee state line. We got to see the last little bit of snow melting off of the mountain as we made the short hike up to the top. Max Patch is a great hike for beginners and children since it’s a short hike to the top. The bald is a great place to let the kids run around while you have a picnic with an amazing view.

Be prepared for the drive up. The drive up to the trailhead is a very windy, rough and narrow mountain road. We made it in our little hybrid so I have no doubt you’ll make it up there. Just be warned your car will need a good wash when you get home.

So how is this whole virtual reality hiking experience going to work? In order to watch this video in virtual reality you will need some sort of virtual reality headset. You can get a Viewmaster at Target. Or if you have a smartphone compatible you can get a GearVR (our favorite headset). There are also tons of Google cardboards to choose from on Amazon. Just make sure that when you order one you are getting one that is compatible with your phone. For right now you can go to our YouTube channel to watch our videos in virtual reality. But we are busy working on an app that will be available for GearVR and Google Cardboard.

We would love to have your feedback as we are creating this app!! First, we would love to invite you to stay up to date as we create new experiences! Sign up for our newsletter to find out when we publish new videos and release our app!

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Second, we want to hear your suggestions for hiking experiences! Do you have some hikes that you want us to capture? Send me your suggestions at cyndi@!

*If you are viewing this blog post from a mobile device click on the video title to open the YouTube app. This will allow you to view the 360 experience.*

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  1. This is really cool! Love it and can’t wait for the app!

  2. I genuinely loved the video that you had mentioned in the blog very much. It was delivered the hiking experience with max patch by integrating virtual reality with it. Here, I can say that virtual reality is just like near reality which means it does not exist in reality but it gives the touch the three dimensional world to the person by the help of virtual reality headset. As it is involved with latest user friendly technology, so, users are more interested to implement it. That is the reason why a time was there when people preferred hiking in reality, but now due to the evolution of modern technology they are interested to do the same thing in virtual reality. So, in this regard I found the blog very appreciating and spontaneous. Thank you.

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