Are you tired of gifting your child almost similar gifts every Christmas? Have you ran out of ideas and are in a panic mode because the day is almost here? Relax because toy shelves are nowadays filled with memorable and unique gifts in 2020. 

From interactive toys that respond to touch to cute bots boys can use to program, your options are wide. You’ll also find toys that nurture creativity or your child into the world of their favorite movies. You’re here because you’re searching for the perfect gift, and you won’t be disappointed.

 Discovery Kids Projector

Let your children watch the stars from the comfort of the house with this projector. It features a rotating sky mode and stationary slides for gazing at the constellations and planets. Although the world feels small to them, this fantastic gift is the next best thing in opening their minds.

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 Drill and Learn Toolbox

Do you want to let your kids join in on your DIY projects at home? The drill and Learn Toolbox from Vtech will come in handy. It contains a toy drill, nails, screws, hammers, and all other age-appropriate tools. It’s an excellent way to have the kids mimic your handiness.

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 RAD Robots MiBRO

This robot is designed for some cool tricks your children will enjoy. They can use it to tell jokes, send messages, prank people with sound effects, or spy on people. The robot can also carry things around when controlled to do so.

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Sewing Kit for Kids

You can spark your kid’s interest in sewing by gifting them this sewing kit. They can learn simple crocheting and sewing projects while entertaining themselves. Encourage them to create DIY projects to decorate their rooms.

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Fairly Light Garden

If your child is interested in gardening, get them this garden playset. They can plant seeds and grow flowers while enjoying some games. With the right amount of play features like a water wheel and spin, they’ll have a lot of fun.

 The fairy house in the garden lights up and plays musical sounds when you blow on it. There’s also a unicorn and fairy to play with for added fun and enjoyment. The bridge connects the set to other fairy garden sets too.

 LEGO DC Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah

The set features a building with two sides. One is the transmitting tower, and the other is a bunker. The Wonder Woman and Cheetah battle through this building. Keep your child occupied to see who wins this exciting game.

 Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

This mystery machine doesn’t come alone. The four kids, Fred, Velma, and Daphne, make it all the more impressive. Other crime-solving accessories take the game to a higher level. Alternatively, you can choose a set with Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, a mysterious mansion, and a ghost.

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There goes your list of unique gift items you can gift your child this season. If you still can’t decide, get the help of Elfster. This online Secret Santa will set up a gift exchange for you fast and easy.

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