Top Items that Every First-Time Mom Needs This Year

Thanks to COVID-19, our typical spring and summer baby shower shenanigans have been canceled. Rather than celebrating the mother-to-be with great food, fun games, and lots of laughs, we’re forced to celebrate from a distance. That said, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still spoil the new momma. If you need ideas of what to send along, here are some great items that every first-time mom needs. Check them out!

A Versatile Playpen

There are so many wonderful gifts out there for babies and mommies—the best ones are the items that benefit both baby and mommy, at the same time. A high-class playpen can do just that. It will act as a place for babies to work on their tummy time while the mom does things around the house. Better yet, when you get one that’s big, it sticks with the child as they grow up; there’s no need to spend money and get larger ones.

A Travel System Car Seat and Stroller

One of the main items every first-time mom needs is a safe car seat and stroller (or two). Make it easier on the mom-to-be and get her a travel system. This means that the car seat can easily pop into the stroller and vice versa without waking up the sleeping baby. There are tons of great options on the market, just do your research and ensure that the one you choose isn’t found on any recall lists.

A Fashionable Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are key—fashionable diaper bags make any momma’s life easier. If the diaper bag can double as both a purse and diaper bag, then that means more open hands for the mom. Look for bags that are stylish, functional, and lightweight—some even come water-resistant, so any spills or spit-ups don’t damage the fabric or feel.

Lots of Children’s Books

Lots of moms have started asking for children’s books over cards; it’s never a bad idea to complement your gift with some baby books. You can go for one of your favorite books as a child or some of the newer board books—the baby’s grabbing hands can’t easily rip these. Better yet, most include some elements for tactile and sensory exploration.

Natural, Soft Baby Clothes

Babies love soft clothing. Moms love soft clothing. Make the smart choice and get cashmere or cashmere-like soft baby clothes. They make so many options for cute pieces in soft fabrics, and better yet, you can get natural-focused clothing. Sustainably made clothing without dyes and chemicals is better for the baby’s skin and the environment!

Gift Your Help

This may not be a tangible item, but if you can gift help to the new mom, that’s sure to be appreciated. Though it was easier to offer help when we could physically be with our friends, there are still wonderful ways to support them. You could offer to cook dinner and leave it on the front porch once a week. You can offer free babysitting when the time allows. You can offer to do the lawn work. Be upfront about what you’re willing to help with—mom and baby will appreciate your helping hands.

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