Summer is a wonderfully sunny season, except when the temperatures get too hot. Have you tried sleeping during a heatwave? It’s almost impossible to rest! You’re too sweaty to fall asleep, and you’re going to be tired for a full day after that… Unfortunately, when the heatwave stays for several days, parents and children feel exhausted and drained of energy. If only I had an air-con system, you think. That would be an ideal solution. However, when there’s no A/C unit in sight, you can use the following tips to help your body cool down and rest before bed. 

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Keep your meal light

Your body produces a lot of energy to digest food. The energy elevates your body temperature. When you have a hearty meal in the evening, your body produces additional heat at night. That’s why heavy and indulging food is best suited for a winter night! You want to stick to light meals in summer, such as this delicious blackened mahi mahi dish that is superb with lightly grilled vegetables. As a rule of thumb, you want to limit your consumption of carbs on summer nights, as they will need a lot of energy to be processed by the body. Lean protein and vegetable meals are the best options! 

Keep your bed cool

Taking a cold shower before bed is a fantastic sensation. However, the fresh feeling doesn’t last as your body warms up the bed. Staying cool in your bed is one of the biggest challenges of summer nights! You can help your family stay fresh with a cooling pillow pad. The active thermal regulation system means that the pad remains cool at all times! If you’ve tried cooling gels and pillows in the past, you are probably aware that you wake up feeling hot in the middle of the night: Your body’s heat cancels the cooling effect. But a smart cooling pad that works throughout the night can save you many waking hours! 

Unwind before bed

When you go to bed stressed out, you can’t fall asleep. Introducing an unwinding routine can help your mind relax. What difference does it make to hot summer nights? It’s simple! When you lie awake in bed, thinking through day-to-day worries, you rapidly become uncomfortable. Your mind is hyper aware of what’s around you, including the light buzzing of a distant bug and the heat. The more stressed out you are, the hotter you’ll feel! So, learning to relax with a bed routine can make it easier to fall asleep. 

Have a hot drink before bed

You may be craving an iced drink before bed, but it’s unlikely to cool you down. Indeed, according to research, the best way to fight off the heat involved a hot drink. How does it work? When you have a hot cup of tea before bed, your body produces sweat. As a result, it cools the surface of the skin, so you go to bed feeling refreshed. Herbal teas or warm milk are favorites. Stay away from stimulants such as coffee and black tea, though. 

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Is it too hot to sleep? You can change your evening routine to help your body cope with the heat. Easing the digestive process and encouraging your body to cool down the surface of your skin can transform your nights during a heatwave. Are you ready to sleep like a baby in summer? 

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