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Technology has become such a big part of our lives, and it’s no surprise that children are taking to devices like iPhones and tablets with ease. But what does this mean for keeping them safe? Many parents worry about the amount of time their kids spend on screens, but there are other concerns: cyberbullying, sexting, and phishing attempts. This blog post will look at ways to keep children safe while teaching them technology skills.

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1 Have your child turn in their smartphone at night 

One way to help keep them safe is by having them turn on their phone at night. This will help reduce the amount of time they spend on screens and remove the temptation to use it when they’re not supposed to. You can also rule that they can only use their devices for a certain amount of time each day. This will help teach them moderation and self-control when it comes to technology. Another idea is to use a designated device like a family iPad instead of their phone. This way, you can more easily monitor what they’re doing online. Finally, if your child needs a phone for emergencies, consider getting them one with parental controls enabled. These allow you to restrict certain content and activities and track their location.

2 Ensure you have access to their email accounts

If your child does have a phone, it’s crucial to ensure you can see their email account. This will allow you to monitor any messages they might receive or send out, especially if there is concern about cyberbullying or sexting. It also makes sense to get an email address for them with no connection with the family (i.e., not using your name). That way, other kids can’t send anything through that could end up back at home and become a cause for embarrassment. If you’re concerned about privacy issues created by giving yourself access like this, consider having another trusted adult do it instead, like a grandparent who lives nearby (or whoever else takes care of your children while you work).

3 Invest in technology to monitor their phone

An additional tip is to consider investing in technology to monitor their phone. For example, you can visit that can keep track of the numbers they call and text, as well as their locations on a map. This gives you peace of mind by allowing you to see who your kids talk to throughout the day (and night) and where they are at any given moment. You might feel this goes too far or intrudes into your child’s privacy, but many parents find it highly beneficial. The same type of software also tracks phone calls made from landlines if those phones don’t have Internet access – so even making a local call could set off an alert notifying you when it happens. While these measures may seem extreme for some families, others won’t feel comfortable going forward unless they know this is in place.

4 Spend time with them online 

One way to help keep your kids safe online is to spend time with them while they’re using the Internet. This can help you get a sense of what they’re doing and how to navigate around any dangerous websites or chats. It also allows you to teach them about good cyber-safety practices. You can start by going through your browser’s history together and pointing out any sites that shouldn’t be visited (or revisited). Show them how to create strong passwords and explain why it’s important not to share personal information like their address or phone number with people they don’t know offline. If you see that they’re being bullied on social media, talk to them about how best to deal with the situation. And if there are any apps, they’re using that you don’t like, consider having a conversation about why.

You can do some things to help keep your children safe while teaching them to use technology. By following these tips, you’ll be giving yourself peace of mind and helping to ensure they stay out of trouble online.

Tips on Keeping Children Safe While Teaching Them to Use Technology

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