Tips for Attending a Music Festival With Kids

Tips for Attending a Music Festival With Kids

Music festivals are a great way to get outside, listen to your favorite music, and discover new artists. Attending festivals and seeing live music might feel out of reach as a parent, but that’s not the case! With these tips for attending a music festival with kids, you and your little ones can have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Bring Headphones

If you’ve ever attended a concert or festival, you’re probably no stranger to ringing ears the morning after. Over time, exposure to loud noises, like music at a festival, damages our hearing. Bringing headphones for your child to wear during the festival will reduce their exposure to loud, damaging volumes. Headphones may also help your child feel less overwhelmed if they are sensitive to sound.

Help Them With Portable Bathrooms

At some point during the festival, you or your child will need to use the restroom. If this is your child’s first experience using a porta-potty, they might feel slightly overwhelmed by the unfamiliar experience. Take some time before the festival to plan how to help your kids use portable bathrooms and pack any additional items you might need, like wipes and hand sanitizer, to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Pack Snacks and Water

Keeping your kids fed and hydrated throughout the festival will keep their moods and energy up throughout a long day. If the festival you’re attending allows outside food and drinks, pack water, juice, snacks, and small meals like sandwiches for you and your kids to eat throughout the festival. Check the festival’s rules before packing, as some festivals may not allow outside food or drink. In those cases, map out water stations and food trucks your family can visit as needed.

Play Games Between Sets

As exciting as festivals are, they also come with a lot of waiting. For children, the time between sets might feel like forever. While you wait for the next band to come out on stage, play games like I Spy with your kids to keep them occupied. The next artist will be playing before you know it.

Whether you were an avid concertgoer before having kids or are headed to your first festival, you don’t have to hold back on attending live music events as a parent. These tips for attending a music festival with kids will make it easy to enjoy the music you love with the people you love. You might raise the next generation of music lovers!

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