Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations! Chances are you’re wondering what comes next after seeing those two lines, and what sort of things you can do to get prepared and organised. Here are three proactive ways you can get everything in order before your baby arrives.

Go to prenatal classes

Having a baby, especially if you’re a first time mum can be like sitting an exam that you’ve never studied for. While motherly instinct can go a long way and you will figure things out as you go, if you want to give yourself the best chance of things going smoothly then there’s plenty you can do to prepare. Prenatal classes are one example, these are usually held in groups so are a good way to meet other mums and you get professional guidance and support on all kinds of issues that you might come up against. You can learn everything from breathing techniques to stay calm during labour to safe sleep practices for your newborn, how to sterilise bottles and feeding equipment and all kinds of other useful info that you might not have been aware of. 

Consider alternative therapies

When you’re pregnant, alternative therapies like chiropractors, aromatherapy and acupuncture really make a difference. Chiropractic care can be great for your back pain and keeping your pelvis in check as your body changes, having a growing baby inside you can shift things around and hugely change your centre of gravity which can throw out your back muscles. Adjustments to put things back in place can stop you from straining other muscles in your back, legs and stomach and can prevent pain- read this prenatal chiropractic guide  to find out more. Aromatherapy is another option, this uses nice-smelling oils which can help you chill out, ease nausea, reduce stress and generally have a bit of ‘me time’ before your little one makes their arrival. Acupuncture comes from ancient Chinese practices can be just be the ticket for handling pregnancy discomforts too like morning sickness and back pain. Have a chat with your doctor or midwife first to check that these things are safe for you. 

Prepare for postpartum

Postpartum, sometimes labelled as the fourth trimester is the first six weeks after having a baby and can shock people in that it can be more challenging than pregnancy. However dont let the worry of it play on your mind, instead do things that will make this stage easier. Cook meals and freeze them so you have healthy food to eat without any effort. Get your home clean and organised and make sure you have all of your babys supplies- things like nappies, wipes and clothes for at least the first couple of months so you dont have to think about it when they arrive. 

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