Three of The Most Rewarding Side Hustles

Looking to make money from home, on the side and in a way thats both fun and rewarding? Check out these three ideas!

Three of The Most Rewarding Side Hustles

Breeding animals

Breeding animals is something that has to be done right; there are far too many ‘backyard breeders’ who are only about profit and their animals suffer as a result. Breeding properly takes knowledge and experience, you need to know that there’s so much more to it than just the financial reward at the end- find out more information here. In the case of dogs for example, you’ll need to be properly registered and your animals will need to be hip and eye scored before breeding. You’ll need to know the correct way to register them and much more. But if you’re an animal lover and genuinely care about the welfare of the animals you’re bringing into the world then this could be a great side hustle. Maybe you already work from home so you’re at home for most of the day anyway to care for the puppies or maybe you could split the duties between yourself and your partner. Just be sure to do your research, get professional advice and go about everything the right way in regards to the law. 


Passing on skills or knowledge that you have to other people can be incredibly rewarding. Whether your forte is music, nutrition and exercise, cooking, makeup artistry- setting up tutoring sessions to teach others is a great way to earn extra income. Since we’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic right now, going out and teaching groups or even individuals one on one isn’t possible, but you do have the option of tutoring online. Since lots of people are furloughed and are bored at the moment, there are more people looking for ways to improve themselves and skills they can learn online so this could be a good way to get your business established. 

Online business

Setting up your own online business gives you the chance to earn money based on your passions. If you love fashion for example you could start a fashion store, if you love sports you could sell sports gear. You could sell textbooks to students, or health devices to those who need them. If you pick something you’re interested in yourself its a fantastic starting point and something you’ll already have a good amount of knowledge about. Having your own online business means you can trade from home, teach yourself all kinds of new skills and earn money around your existing job. Later down the line, you could even turn it into a full time job if its successful.

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  1. If you love animals then dog breeding could be a great choice but for some people it could be overwhelming as it requires too much patience and precision. Another nice side hustle for animal lovers could be to become house sitters. This will help them earn good money and even stay for free during vacations.

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