The Virtual Reality Gift Guide

the virtual reality gift guide

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My family loves virtual reality so our friends are always coming to us for advice on the best and latest virtual reality headset and accessories. This year I decided to do a gift guide dedicated to virtual reality. This guide will include virtual reality headsets from all price ranges and the best accessories for virtual reality. 


Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is hands down my favorite portable virtual reality headset right now. What do I mean by portable? By portable I mean you can take this headset with you anywhere and have it setup and ready to play in under 5 minutes. 

This is a wireless headset with room scale tracking and built in headphones. When this headset is charged you can literally pick the headset up and with a few clicks of a button you are playing your favorite game in virtual reality. The controllers are easy to hold and very intuitive. They are perfect for hands of all sizes from my 9 year old to my 6’2” husband. 

The Oculus store has tons of awesome games to choose from. Some of them are even free. You will really get a sense of immersion with this untethered headset. 

Oculus Rift S

The Oculus Rift S is the newest PC powered Oculus Rift. The new Oculus Insight Tracking allows you to have room scale tracking without the external sensors. This headset is a step up from the Oculus Quest graphics. Just make sure that you read all of the specs to make sure your PC is ready for your Oculus Rift S. Alienware makes fantastic gaming computers that would be perfect for the Oculus Rift S. 

Oculus Go

Oculus Go is my pick for the budget virtual reality headset. It’s definitely not my top pick. But it is the headset to get if you are just wanting to dip your toes into virtual reality. The Oculus Go is another portable headset, but it isn’t quite as powerful as the Oculus Quest. It also only comes with one wireless controller. 

HTC Vive

I have to say I have a real love for the HTC Vive. This has been one of the most fun headsets we have owned. There are TONS of games available in the STEAM Store, which aren’t available for the Oculus Rift or Quest. And the immersion on the Vive is fantastic. 

There are new versions available different prices and features to choose from:

HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC Vive Pro

Sony Playstation VR

If you have a Playstation 4 the Playstation VR might be the headset for you. There are quite a few good games to play with the Playstation VR. The quality of the game play is pretty darn good. The only downside is that you are a little more limited to the amount of games available. If you are wanting access to tons of games and experiences this might not be the headset for you.


Playstation VR Charging Stand and Display

The Playstation Charging Stand and Display is a great way to keep all of your gear organized and in one place. Let’s face it. Virtual reality can turn into a cable and gear nightmare. This will keep your gaming area less chaotic.

Oculus Quest Carrying Case

If you get an Oculus Quest you are going to want to take it out and show it off to all of your friends. Get a good sturdy case to carry it with you and keep your gear safe. 

VR Mask Covers

If you are a germophobe you might want to invest in some vr face mask covers. Actually even if you aren’t a germophobe go ahead and invest in some of these covers. Some of these games will make you a little sweaty. You let a friend borrow your headset only to get it back covered in sweat. Sharing is not caring in this case. 

Check out more of our gift guides:

I want to hear from you all. Have you ever played in virtual reality? What was your favorite virtual reality experience? 

33 thoughts on “The Virtual Reality Gift Guide”

  1. This is so funny to see that you’re posting about VR systems! I just tried the Oculus Quest yesterday and am pretty convinced that we will be getting one this holiday season. I love that it’s wireless!

  2. These are amazing gift ideas! This is our future and I am so excited about it! Virtual Reality definitely takes things to the next level!

  3. livingmybexlife – Atlanta, GA – crossfit trainer. lululemon keyleader. coffee chugger. queso addict. margarita sipper. just out here living my bex life.

    My boyfriend’s son LOVES virtual reality gadgets, although I’ve never used one myself. Maybe he needs an upgrade for Christmas! 🙂

  4. Singing A New Song – Hello, I'm Shayla! I'm a blogging/vlogging homeschooling mom of many, wife to one, and work at home mom. We are a big, Jesus loving, God fearing family and we love to laugh! Common topics you’ll find here include faith, marriage, motherhood, homeschooling, lifestyle, domestic arts, herbs & oils, and holistic living (with a realistic, big family mama/frugal approach). I love sharing practical solutions we find to problems we encounter, as well as things that inspire and encourage us through this crazy, beautiful journey!

    I bet my boys would love virtual reality headsets! They look like they are a blast!

  5. Crickette, The Things I Have to Say – I am a dentist and in between patients I am a writer. I have been a blogger since 2004 and writing is something that is most natural to me, like breathing air... words are my sustenance and this blog, is my breathing space.

    I’ve never tried something like this, but I’ve seen them on TV. A gamer would really love something like this. I think I will give this to my sister for her birthday. She’s the only one who still plays PS at our age. HAHA.

  6. Parent On Board – United States – I am a blogger and mental health professional. I strive to make the parenting journey easier and more enjoyable by using my background in mental health and my experience as a mom of 2.

    I used to play a lot of video games when I was younger. But I never tried VR. This looks so fun and interesting. Maybe once the kids are older and I’m not as tired, I will look into something like that.

  7. serenarogers19 – Writer, Poet and Blogger; Exploring my passion for writing, whilst inspiring people to find there own...

    Aaaww a fabulous gift! Never thought of this! Great post!

  8. Heather – I'm a mama of three littles that give me a run for my money every day, a wife to the most amazing husband I could ever have asked for, and a daughter of Christ. Being a mother is my purpose. Helping other mothers is my calling.

    Oh wow! These are definitely gifts that I should look into this Christmas!

  9. These are super cool gifts for gamers and those who love VR. It would make Fornite more excited (I don’t know if Fortnite uses VR technology, I heard it is a game that uses a lot of interactions, I am poor at my game knowledge, ahaha)

  10. Jasmine - LoveLifeLaughMotherhood – Georgia, USA – I'm a first time mom to a sweet little boy, and a wife to an amazing husband. I'm a baby wearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, tattooed lover of wine and Netflix. Somehow I squeeze in time for blogging.

    i havent seen a VR gift guide yet, this is really helpful! sending to my husband, lol
    Jasmine Hewitt recently posted…15 Fun Fall Date Ideas For You & Your Partner

  11. Polly – Philippines – Polly Amora is the señorita behind GoldenIslandSenorita.Net and the general manager of a privately-owned company in Manila, Philippines. She is a lifelong learner who is very outgoing, speaks four languages, is loud and outspoken, and loves to have adventures in the mountains, on the beach, and in the city. You can throw her anywhere, and she'll handle it like a pro. Ice cream and beer are two of her weaknesses.

    I fangirled upon reading this post! I’m a huge gamer and I have an Oculus Quest for my console! For me, it’s (still) the best VR headset out in the market!
    Polly recently posted…21 Kilometer Trail Run via Cardiac Hill in Silang, Cavite

  12. Jayson Brown – I am a Music Enthusiast that has been working as a Sound Engineer for close to 9 years and during my spare time I enjoy experimenting with different types of headphones and Audio equipment .

    lovely suggestion for a gift, great post !

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