Running Lover Gift Guide

running lovers shopping guide

Running Lover Gift Guide

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Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves to run? Maybe they like to run a casual 5K. Or they might be an ultra marathon runner. Now matter what style of running they like this gift guide will have you covered. Find the perfect gift for your running friend here.

Foam Roller

All runners have a love hate relationship with foam rollers. They are a tool that is used to help loosen up tight muscles after a good run or strenuous workout. It’s a kind of pain that hurt so good. Your runner friend will love you for this gift (until they are cussing you while they are foam rolling). 

Running Belt

This light weight belt is so convenient for runners. It helps to keep their hands free while they carry around water, keys, money or their phone. This is a must have for distance runners. 

Fitness Tracker

Every runner needs a good fitness tracker. There are tons of trackers out there to choose from. You want to find a tracker that has the best features. Some features I like are the ability to connect with multiple apps like Myfitnesspal. The fitness tracker should track mileage, heart rate and estimated calories burned. 


Sweatbands are fantastic for women runners. It not only keeps your hair out of your face, but it keep the sweat from dripping down into your eyes. Gross I know. But it’s a reality that all runners face.


No runner enjoys running holding a bundle of cords from their headphones. A good pair of bluetooth headphones will allow your favorite runner to enjoy their music on their run. 

Hopefully this list helps you with your shopping! What have I missed from this list? Let me know below in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Running Lover Gift Guide”

  1. a Life on a Dime – I am a wife, mom, Jesus lover, homemaker, blogger, and now YouTuber! I love writing about budgets, DIYs, minimalism, and essential oils.

    Great suggestions! I just started hearing about the roller this year. NOT a runner myself but know several.

  2. I’m just recently getting into the distance running thing and haven ever heard of the running belt. I see a lot of runners with the armband for their phone but I’ve also found that to be quite uncomfortable and just run with my phone in my hand. And I have a phobia when it comes to bluetooth headphones! What if they glitch up or something happens, I need my music!

    1. I had issues with my bluetooth when I was running my half marathon. I installed an app that allowed my family to track where I was. The app didn’t play nice with my music app. : (

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