The Best Tips for Traveling as a New Parent
The Best Tips for Traveling as a New Parent

No matter how you’re going about it, traveling as a new parent can be unpredictable and challenging. However, we’re here to give the best tips for traveling as a new parent before you head out on your adventure with your little one.

Get the Right Documents for Your Baby

As a new parent traveling internationally, you’ll need to know what documentation is necessary while traveling with your newborn. If you’re traveling to another country, ensure that your baby’s shots are all up to date, research what diseases to look out for, and get them a passport. Getting a passport is a long process, but you can apply for one as soon as you receive a birth certificate—you won’t need a social security number for it. Remember that the rules for a baby passport are different in every country, and the rules are different between adult and child passports.

Get Travel Health Insurance

When traveling as a new parent, you may hear that traveler’s health insurance is a scam. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many health insurance plans offer out-of-state and out-of-country options when you’re traveling, especially if you have children with you. If your little one becomes sick unexpectedly, you’ll be able to go to a hospital in another location that’s far from home without worrying about expensive medical bills.

Plan Out Your Trip, But Don’t Overdo It

Yes, you need to plan your trip out carefully, taking care of all the big and small details, but don’t overdo it. As far as packing for your little one, organize the clothing first, along with the essentials you’ll need for tending to your baby. Pack toys last. It’s important to entertain your baby, but it’s more vital to account for all the necessities. Also, not many places have cribs available, so bring a portable crib or bassinet with you to travel with. Don’t forget to also check in any other baby equipment you’re bringing onto a plane.

Budget The Trip Carefully

Budgeting for a trip is relatively easy if you’re going on a solo trip, but traveling as a new parent requires more forethought. With air travel, whether domestic or international, you’ll want to check for prices on seats that have a little baby bassinet attached to the wall. You’ll need to call ahead to reserve this spot and pay any additional charges for it. If you opt for a car seat, make sure it has an airline approval sticker before boarding.

Day or night, traveling with a little one is hard work, but it does pay off as you learn the best ways to travel as a new parent versus the worst. So as you take some of the best tips for traveling as a new parent, you’ll learn your own process when traveling with your baby.

The Best Tips for Traveling as a New Parent

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