The Advanced Guide to Technology And Drones


Are you getting ready for winter and dreaming of Christmas treats?

What technology breakthroughs will be found on the tech highway in 2020? 

The field is wide open, and it’s up to you which route you decide to take. You may start by investigating the new advancements in AI or Drone technologies. 

When you start on your journey, you may consider taking a look at, who will be able to set you in the right direction regarding drone systems and technology.

What technology is on-trend in 2020? 

The following tech innovations are worth visiting, as you decide to capture the moment and share these with family and friends.

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  • AI – (Artificial Intelligence) – In 2020, AI will scale up with emotion recognition and computer vision.
  • IoT – (Internet of Things) – The sizzle of IoT will burst into the public domain once 5G is established. IoT will then take flight in this modern era.
  • Edge Processing power: As new AI need a host of new applications, it may not be conducive to linking data to the cloud. Instead, high performing AI chips, known as brain chips and neuromorphic, will replicate the brain and process AI algorithms.
  • Quantum computing: The era of computing has now begun, as data increases. Quantum computing will be able to handle big data specifically in healthcare for cancer treatments.
  • Evolution of Aerospace: SpaceX is currently developing a rocket Starship that will reuse the entire vehicle body. Notable companies are servicing space technologies within the private sector.
  • Deployment of 5G and Starlink broadband internet technologies – Competition for 5G is causing ripples, but SpaceX is planning Starlink broadband business. Starlink’s system will expand with 12,000 satellites rising to a further 30,000 by 2023.
  • Blockchain Technologies: Major institutions are now introducing blockchain technologies to prevent the leaking of information and Internet fraud. 

Technology, Robotics, Drones, and Nature

The new world of robotics, and nature will merge to support the planet, using a host of groundbreaking technology that provides a harvest for the people worldwide.

Drone technology is advancing rapidly, linking robotics to birth accelerated aircraft, with actuator arms that can plant sensors on specified surfaces. 

We will see robots, drones, and alternate technologies, taking centre stage in this new era of change and diversity. The military and defence services will enable robots and AI to develop applications to guard our borders. Communications, Agriculture, Conservation, Disaster management, and Environmental Preservation, are just a few of the organisations using this technology today to serve our natural ecosystems.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity Monitoring

In protected areas across the world the need to safeguard and protect biodiversity and ecosystems, will significantly benefit from drones to support our fragile ecology, as they are less invasive and reduce the loss of habitats. 

Drone technologies or unmanned aerial systems, are now growing in the scientific and civilian fields. It is felt that drones offer a low-risk impact on conservation and preservation areas, compared to physical explorations.

They also offer the potential to support a greater range of uses from; wildlife ecology, vegetation studies, and forestry applications. 

The newer drones available on the market can be used and encompass sensing devices, such as temperature, humidity, and air pollution. 

From ecosystems to design and beyond. Drones will start to be utilised to provide services and support humanity. 

AI and man grow together ergonomically, pushing boundaries across all elements of our universe. 

The Future is Bright with AI Technologies

AI has already impacted every industry and person across the planet as the main driver of the new emerging technologies in line with robotics, IoT, and big data, which will all act as innovators in the technology revolution. 

AI is currently integrated with in the following industries:

  • Healthcare – AI technologies are in the driving seat, ensuring that disease is accurately diagnosed. Drugs are being devised using AI and are gradually speeding up, virtual nursing assistants monitor patients, and big data aligns to provide patients with personalised service.
  • Emergency Services: Medical emergencies are now using drones to map areas of disasters to assess the location before the emergency services arrive. 
  • Education: School textbooks are now digitised using this technology, virtual classrooms, virtual AI tutors that progress to facial analysis, enabling schools to monitor their student’s well-being.
  • Customer Services: Google is working with AI assistants that can place virtual calls to customers. Amazon is also using AI technologies and now offers a delivery service via drones.
  • Transport: Autonomous cars are already here; as we reach towards actively saving our environment, this will embeded in society. 
  • Manufacturing: AI robotics work, hand in hand, with humans. From stacking pallets in warehouses to making cakes and keeping machines running 24/7.

Drone Developments

A surge in the development of drones is now being used in the fight against the Coronavirus. Drones are on the front-line alongside our key workers fighting the Covid 19 Pandemic. 

One of the critical issues during the Covid19 Pandemic has been delivering medical resources and supplies, such as PPE and Covid tests, to people who need them urgently.

Drones are now being utilised to deliver medical items to remote areas where access is currently deemed unsafe for humans.

Some countries are now using drones to disinfect large urban areas where the general public frequent, such as open spaces, the exterior of public buildings, park benches, bus stops, and public spaces—allowing these areas to be maintained without human intervention.

As the Coronavirus Pandemic moves into a second wave across the globe. Drones are an easy option to make the public aware of restrictions, maintain lockdowns, and announce essential information from the Government to the general public. 

The police are now adopting this technology to carry out contactless surveillance and manage lockdowns efficiently and safely. In our changing world during this time of uncertainty, drones and AI technologies are giving hope. They are starting to impact, as everyone re-evaluates the benefits of these advanced technologies, now serving the world.

The Advanced Guide to Technology And Drones

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