In a world where most of our work can be done digitally, many of us don’t stand up and move around as much as we used to. Sitting down at our desks or with a laptop on our laps for a long period of time during the day can be harmful and it is therefore important for us to spend the time each day stretching and moving our bodies to improve flexibility as well as posture. 

Today we are going to share some of the best poses you can do for bad posture, and if you practice these and hold them for just 30 seconds every day, your back will thank you and your body will be much happier. 

Standing forward fold with interlace 

The first of the stretches we are going to talk about is one that is great for your back as well as your chest and hamstrings. Standing forward fold with interlace first involves you standing with your feet hip width apart, and placing your hands both behind your back clasping them together. Now, trust your balance and fold at the hip as if you would be touching your toes – your arms will end up behind your back in a slightly upward position. The weight of your arms will help to stretch your upper back, and the hip bend will help loosen up your hamstrings. 

Seated twist 

The next one can be done whether you are in knee surgery recovery, you have limited mobility, or you are unwell. If you can, sit on the floor with your legs crossed, otherwise just sit comfortably. Now take your right arm and stretch it behind you so it lands on the floor behind your right hip. Take your left arm and stretch it so it rests on the outside of your right knee. This side stretch will do wonders for your back and your posture. Repeat on the other side. 

Child’s pose 

Child’s pose is a restful yoga pose and is often used to get your breath back after more strenuous moves. To complete child’s pose, kneel on the floor with your knees wider than hip width and your feet touching, sit back and fold over, stretching your arms out on the mat in front of you. Breathe into the stretch here and feel it opening up your back and your chest. 

Downward dog 

Downard dog is one of the most well-known yoga poses and is often used as a resting pose between flows. This one is great for the back, arms, chest, and hamstrings. To get into downward dog first get on all fours, and then push your legs out into a plank position. When you are ready, push your hips up high to form a v shape and try to touch your heels to the ground. Walk it out a little to loosen your muscles and sit in this position for 30 seconds. 

Try these simple stretches to help you with your posture as well as your flexibility this week. 

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