Simple Tips for Giving a Great Christmas Gift

Christmas is all about spreading holiday cheer, and what better way to do that than giving gifts? Whether you want to give something to a family member, close friend, or neighborly acquaintance, it’s easy to feel stumped. But don’t fear—gift-giving doesn’t need to intimidate you this year. Discover these simple tips for giving a great Christmas gift.

Ask Associated Others

Part of the challenge in gift-giving is understanding what a person wants without directly asking them. If you did, you’d give up the surprise. The easiest way to generate high-quality ideas is by asking the people related or associated with them. Do you need to buy a gift for your mother-in-law? Then ask your father-in-law what she likes receiving. Need a present idea for a new friend you’re still getting to know? Ask their significant other, family member, or overlapping friend for more information.

Find Something Hobby-Related

Everyone has a side project, entertainment preference, or creative passion that fills their extra hours. Reading, gaming, knitting, fishing—these interests can vary far and wide. But what do you do when you want to get someone a gift but don’t know anything about their niche interests?

Suppose you have a teenaged nephew who loves his gaming console, but you know nothing about it. Try to learn as much as you can about his gaming system and the newest games available. If you’re still stumped, you can always try smaller items with targeted stocking stuffer ideas for gamers.

Try an Unorthodox Gift

People know that gifts often come in the shape of a rectangular box with a tangible object inside. While there’s nothing wrong with presents under the tree, some people don’t want a gift card or piece of jewelry—especially if they “have it all.” Try gifting something unorthodox and give your person access to an experience. Have they always wanted to get a mani-pedi? Then book them a spa visit. Have they been interested in a camping getaway? Locate the nearest hiking trail and coordinate with their boss to find time off for them.

With these simple tips for giving a great Christmas gift, you can start your creative gift-giving journey. Just like writer’s block is to an author, so creative intimidation is to gift-givers. Break the cycle of worrisome gift-giving by switching your perspective.

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