Signs Your Child Needs To Go to the Dentist

One of the biggest fears anyone can have is going to the dentist, which is why it’s hard to put your loved ones through that same discomfort. Regardless, your kiddos need consistent dental care like the rest of us and knowing the signs your child needs to go to the dentist makes the trip inevitable.

Needs a First Visit

One obvious sign that your child requires some dental care is they have yet to sit in the chair. Being proactive will limit unfortunate complications, so preventative dentistry for children is a fantastic strategy. Bi-yearly check-ups, cleanings, and X-rays safeguard your kids from several hygienic troubles.

Severe Pain and Sensitivity

Even as a grown adult, suffering from a toothache is one of the most painful experiences you can have. Regarding your child, it helps to differentiate between discomfort and tear-inducing pain by talking to them. It’s possible that the issue is from playing around and chipping a tooth, or it might be from terrible decay. If you notice that your child reacts negatively to certain drinks and foods, the sensitivity might be a red flag for significant deterioration.

Smelly Breath

Standard morning breath aside, if your kid struggles with smelly breath, odds are that there is a more critical matter at hand. Eliminating sugary drinks and food helps reduce the stench coming out of their mouth, but the issue may be too far gone to fix from some simple corrections.

Bleeding Gums

Luckily, bleeding of the gums is a rather noticeable problem you can see. If your child’s gums react this way, it may be an infection like gingivitis that needs your attention immediately.

Tooth Becomes Loose

Outside of baby teeth, any loose tooth in your child’s mouth is a bad sign. Getting a dentist to check things out early might be enough to stop the spread of an infection that may bring about more loose teeth.


The color of your children’s teeth may alert your senses to have a dentist look at them. Generally, their teeth will be milky white, considering they haven’t consumed all the things adults do those damaged teeth. Therefore, if you notice any discoloration, your child requires an appointment.

Recognizing these signs your child needs to go to the dentist may be the difference between routine maintenance and extensive surgery; hence, preventative dentistry is the best course of action to avoid flare-ups before they happen.

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