Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or After Breakfast?

We’ve been brushing our teeth for a very long time, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself if you should be brushing your teeth before or after breakfast? You might have gotten into the habit of doing one or the other without a second thought, but there is a correct way to take care of your oral hygiene. Keep reading this article to answer this question and get more information on how to properly take care of your dental health in the morning.

Why Brushing Before Breakfast Is the Best Practice

The answer is simple: the best practice is to brush your teeth before you eat breakfast. But why is this the proper way to clean your teeth in the morning?

When we go to bed at night, the bacteria in our mouth that causes plaque buildup can multiply. This is the cause of morning breath or the “fuzzy” feeling you get on your teeth when you first wake up. By brushing with fluoride toothpaste, you rid your mouth of bacteria and add a protective barrier on your teeth that protects your enamel. When you immediately brush your teeth, you protect your teeth from the foods you’re about to eat for breakfast.

Is Brushing After Breakfast Still OK?

Don’t worry; if you prefer to brush your teeth after breakfast, it’s still OK to do so. However, you must take extra precautions. After eating food, avoid brushing your teeth directly after, as this could soften your enamel and damage your teeth and gums. Foods such as bread, citrus fruit, pastries, and fruit juices can harm your teeth if they reach unprotected enamel. Stick with meals like whole grain cereals if you plan on brushing your teeth after breakfast, and try to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing.

Tips for Brushing Your Teeth

Do not forget that choosing the right dentist and regularly receiving cleanings is still the best way to stay on top of your oral hygiene. Always brush your teeth for at least two minutes to enjoy the full benefits of brushing. A common component people often forget is the tongue—make sure to scrape and brush the bacteria off your tongue too!

Ultimately, the best practice is to brush your teeth before breakfast instead of afterward. While you can do either, you need to be more mindful if you eat breakfast first. Take care of your dental health and ensure you use the best techniques and practices for the freshest and cleanest smile.

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