As I just sat down and wrote the title for this blog it’s still hard for me to believe that I officially have 2 kids in school now. How in the world are these kids growing up so fast?! I was somewhat prepared when my daughter started kindergarten. She has an October birthday so she was one of the oldest kids in kindergarten. But my son is the exact opposite. As of his first day of kindergarten (today!), he is still 4 years old. His 5th birthday is tomorrow, making him one of the youngest, if not the youngest kid at his school.

Walking the kiddos into school this morning was bittersweet. I had my 4th-grade daughter running ahead of us. She couldn’t get away from us fast enough as I’m sure she knew I was about to melt down into tears at any moment. No 4th grader wants to walk into school with a teary-eyed mom! And my kindergarten son just walked along beside us eager to get his big day started.

4th grade

All of the teachers at the school (at least the ones who have been there for quite some time) know my son. They’ve seen me walking to school to pick up my daughter with him on my back in my Ergo from the time his was just a year old. Even though we all knew this day was coming it was still hard to believe that that little dude who used to ride on my back is now my big dude standing in line to drop off his school supplies.

After he dropped his stuff off and had his first kindergarten picture made he was ready to get started. One of the kindergarten teachers grabbed his hand with excitement, told him to tell us bye and walked him into the classroom. Surprisingly, I didn’t break down into tears (too bad at least!) Seeing him so excited to get started kept me at ease. And I know he is in good hands. The kindergarten teachers at our school at phenomenal teachers.  I know he is having the time of his life right now. Now I can’t wait to pick him up so I can hear his cute little voice tell me all about his first day!

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