Safe Driving Tips for Your Next Road Trip
Safe Driving Tips for Your Next Road Trip

The season of family vacations is right around the corner, and it’s a great time to try taking a safe, socially distant family road trip to somewhere new—especially if you haven’t gone on vacation for more than a year. No matter how experienced you are with caravanning to new vacation spots and driving for long hours, it’s important to stay safe while you’re on the road.

Unexpected hazards can get in the way of a smooth road trip; take these safe driving tips for your next road trip into consideration as you commit to the long commute to your destination.

Research Your Route

In a world with GPS navigation on our phones and in our cars, you may not think it’s necessary to do any route research before you leave. However, mapping out your journey is essential for any successful road trip—even if you’re using your phone to give you directions. It’ll help you plan out potential stops along the way—such as hotels and restaurants—and alternate routes in case of construction or road bumps.

You don’t need to memorize every direction, but a solid idea of where you’re going will keep you confident on the road. If you’re anxious during the drive, your children may pick up on it and get scared—or you might snap at them when you begin to stress out.

Know When To Take a Break

Some of the most exciting destinations come with some of the dullest, droning drives. When the drive is boring, you may find yourself dozing off behind the wheel. Make sure your partner is ready to keep you company during the drive—especially at night after your children fall asleep. Finding ways to keep yourself awake and avoid feeling sleepy as you drive is essential, but it’s also important to know when you should stop to rest or switch drivers.

Don’t try to pull an all-nighter on the highway—even if you have multiple drivers. Find a good halfway point or a point before a challenging part of the drive (such as mountains) so that you don’t have to do it while feeling sleepy.

Whether it’s your first road trip as a family or your next road trip in a long history of family vacations, staying safe on the journey should be your priority. Protect everyone in the car with cautious driving and these safe driving tips for your next road trip—driving safely may sound simple and easy to do, but a road trip with an unsafe driver can put every passenger at risk.

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