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I recently had the opportunity to try out one of the coolest pillows I’ve ever owned. Rem-Fit sent me one of their 300 series pillows to review. While I value my sleep and know how important a good nights rest is I tend to neglect my pillows. I keep my pillows for far longer than I should and I know they don’t have the proper support for me. So when I got this Rem-Fit pillow I couldn’t wait to try it out.

rem-fit sleep

The first night I tried it out I have to admit, it wasn’t very comfortable. The pillow is much larger than what I’m used to. After a couple of nights I actually read the booklet that came with my pillow (yes, this pillow comes with instructions!). Turns out this pillow has something called support clusters inside it. The pillow comes with 25 support clusters inside. When I realized these clusters were removable I unzipped my pillow and took all of them out. Ahh!! I slept like a baby the night I removed my support clusters. It turns out that I don’t need them. The pillow alone is perfect for me. I guess I’ll keep the support clusters around so the kids can have an indoor snowball fight with them since it looks like we aren’t going to have a white Christmas.

rem-fit sleep

This pillow has so many fancy features I couldn’t possibly get into explaining them to you. Luckily Rem-Fit created a video that will take care of that for me. Re-Ax Fiber, Repel Tech, Hi-Flow Knit, Breez Tech, Polyfil Fiber. Just watch the video to find out how all of this crazy stuff works.

Along with the pillow, Rem-Fit sent me an activity tracker to check out. Seeing as how my husband and I are slightly addicted to activity trackers I was thrilled to be able to try this one out. Like most other activity trackers Rem-Fit has their own app that you can download on your phone to check on your progress throughout the day. This 200 series activity tracker came with the tracker itself, 2 bands, a belt clip and charger.

rem-fit active

The pros and cons:


  1. I love the fit and feel of the tracker. The wristband is super flexible and soft. I have tiny wrists and on the smaller settings this wristband felt great.
  2. It’s very accurate. I put the tracker toe to toe with one of my other activity trackers. Both trackers seemed to track right in sync.
  3. I really like the OLED display with the time. Since I don’t wear watches it was nice actually being able to check the time with my tracker.
  4. Variety of exchangable wristbands. Rem-Fit has several great colors to choose from for their wristbands.


  1. The app on my Android phone seemed to be battery intensive. I keep getting a message that I needed to force close the app to keep my battery from draining, I even got a solar powered generator for home to recharge all the phones.
  2. The social features aren’t quite there yet. Because Rem-Fit hasn’t reached many people yet I couldn’t find any friends on there. I missed the competition.

While I absolutely love my pillow and will continue to use it I’ve got to admit I prefer my other activity tracker to Rem-Fit. If you are looking for an activity tracker and don’t need the social aspect of the tracker Rem-Fit will be perfect for you. Rem-Fit is offering my readers 20% off any item on their web site with the coupon code CB20. 

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