3 week yoga retreat

3 week yoga retreat

I’m in week 2 of 3 Week Yoga Retreat and I’m having mixed feelings about this program. I started this program when I did because I am at the tail end of my half marathon training and decided I needed a more low-key program to balance out my long runs. The problem is I don’t go for long runs everyday. The days when I don’t have that extra cardio I find myself feeling a little more tired.

Now before I go and blame yoga for my lack of energy I need to take into account that my kids are on fall break this week. So this hasn’t exactly been my typical week. Things have kind of slowed down and most days I have been working from home. Working from home tends to either zap my energy or I tend to be distracted by the long list of house projects I need to work on. So I don’t think 3 Week Yoga Retreat is completely to blame for my lack of energy.

With that said, if I were to do this program again I would most likely do the workouts in the evening. Unlike the cardio and strength training programs that I’m used to yoga tends to leave me feeling a little more relaxed and at peace which is exactly what I need before bedtime and especially after a busy day of work.

The perks of 3 Week Yoga Retreat so far:

  1. Improved flexibility
  1. Great stretches for my achy legs after a run
  1. Awesome meditation tool
  1. Very relaxing

Do you incorporate yoga into your workout routine? If so, how often?

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  1. As a runner, I do a lot of yoga! Not only does it help with all of the reasons you mentioned, but helps tremendously with injury prevention!

  2. I have done Yoga in the past, but am not doing much of anything these days. That said, Yoga is on the top of the list, as stretching to maintain flexibility is becoming ever more important as I age.

  3. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE yoga (and yoga loves me:-). Unless I’m out of town, I do yoga every morning. I’ve been thinking about doing yoga in the evening and your post gave me incentive to do so. I agree that yoga is so relaxing. It has helped me SO much with flexibility and overall stamina.

  4. I am so motivated by your blog. I love yoga and have not done it on a regular basis for awhile. The last class I took we practiced the Warrior Pose and then journaled about it and then did it again. Journaling after a pose is enlightening!

    I attended a 10 Day Yoga retreat at the Yasodhara Yoga Center in BC. It was fantastic and I learned that yoga is not just exercise. I really enjoyed the work yoga in the garden. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. I have tried yoga off and on but never got into any consistent routine. That being said.. everything I have heard about this discipline is positive. I will check out some studios near me. The at home DVD’s were just not that great for me. I think i need the in person instruction

  6. I must admit, your problem is likely the extra folks in the home while working from home. The extra distractions, though we love them dearly, are stressful. Glad you enjoyed it.. sorry it’s been stressful!

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