pro blogger tips you need to know
pro blogger tips you need to know

If you’re thinking about starting a new blog as a business rather than a hobby project, there are a few things that the pro bloggers know, which could benefit you. If you get things right from the off, you stand a far greater chance of being a successful blogger than the thousands of other people trying to make it too, so read on for the pro blogger tips you need to know:


A lot of bloggers set up their blogs on free platforms such as Medium or, but when you do that, you have to stick to their rules, which can hamper your ability to advertise and earn money. If, however, you start out with WordPress,.org, you can do exactly what you want, from customizing your blog to advertising on it, right from the off, and that means you have the ultimate freedom to create the blogging business of your dreams.

Use a Virtual Address

In many places, you are required to include contact details on your blog, and even if you don’t have to, doing so can make your blog seem more trustful. However, giving out your real address may not be good for your privacy or your image. It’s far better to buy a virtual address from a company like, which is likely to be more prestigious, and more importantly, totally private, so you can receive correspondence and comply with the law, without having to give your real address away.

Go with a Great Hosting Company

Free and cheap hosting companies might seem like a good idea, but you’re running a business and sometimes, that means you have to speculate to accumulate, The thing about cheaper hosting packages is that they are often less stable, which means more downtime for your blog, and in some cases, you may even lose your content! It’s really not worth it, so search for a reputable hosting company that you can afford and avoid the cheaper, less reliable companies.

Do Your Research

To be a successful blogger, you need to add value; you need to have people trust you; you need to say something worth saying. That means that you should always do your research if you’re writing about a topic where there are facts and figures to be found. Obviously, if you’re writing about yourself you can be as subjective as you like providing you don’t tell any lies, but by showing you’re honest and you know your stuff, you can build authority in your niche and encourage your readers to keep coming back for more.

Write with Passion

Blogs are there to entertain as well as inform., Few people are going to subscribe to a boring blog, so learn how to inject your sentences with interest and excitement, and always write from the heart if you want to pick up readers.

Set Up Lots of Income Streams

The more income streams you have, the more opportunities you have to make money, so place ads on your blog, accept paid guest posts, write ebooks….

I hope your blog is a huge success!

pro blogger tips

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  1. Yup. You nailed the basics all beginners who want to start a successful blog need to know. Without these basics, you won’t get anywhere fast as a blogger 🙂

  2. This is a great selection of tips. I am actually launching for second niche blog for which I created a business plan, after running a successful business out of my first.

  3. Very nice tip. I will put some of these in practice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are great blogger tips, I didn’t know about a couple of them, so thank you for sharing!

  5. I think people often overlook writing with a passion, so that was a great tip!

  6. I agree with using I have to find advertisers because I’m having trouble with getting paid by Google adsense.

  7. Research is what I feel that I am always doing but it does keep me in the loop of any changes or things I need to learn

  8. Fantastic tips! It is always nice to read tips from other bloggers.

  9. WOW! how to be a PRO 🙂 nice one, thanks for sharing

  10. Wow these are some great tips. Wish I knew these before setting up my blog.

  11. Alot of people think blogging is so easy. There is a lot that goes behind the scenes for creating your blog. Great article.

  12. i agree blogging needs to set up a few income streams in order to be successful. I’m slowly doing that too.

  13. Great article. I learned a lot from what you wrote. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait for the next one.

  14. What great information for new and veteran bloggers! I hope that all kinds of a blogger can learn much from this post because I did!

  15. Nice post. Passion is the key for success in blogging. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us

  16. Great roundup! This summarizes the steps to setting up a blog pretty well 🙂

  17. I didn’t know about a couple of these, thanks for the tip!

  18. This are great tips for anyone wanting to start a blog!

  19. Such great tips. I’m a huge researcher so when I stumble upon a blog that doesn’t have research to back it, I’m more likely to click off and not want to share.

  20. Those that you can tell are written with passion are definitely my favorite.

  21. Thats good information. As a blogger myself, I follow all these tips. I feel its important to use a good hosting for your website and also be regular with your posts.

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