Places You Missed During Spring Cleaning

Did you remember to do spring cleaning this year? If so, you may be ready to relax and enjoy the summer. However, there are several places you probably missed during spring cleaning. Before you kick back, take one more look around your house and see if there are spots you forgot to clean.

The Attic

Many people forget to clean out the attic because it’s not right in front of them. The whole point of an attic is to put things where you don’t have to see them, right? Unfortunately, attics do need tidying up once in a while, and it doesn’t hurt to eliminate some old junk while you’re up there.

Garden Shed

Lawn and garden storage is another place people forget to clean because, like the attic, they aren’t usually inside the house proper. Throw out old watering cans, broken flowerpots, and any equipment you don’t use anymore. Then, give the shed a good sweeping to clear out any resident insects.

Your Car

Believe it or not, people often forget to clean their cars when they do spring organization. Clean your car interior like a pro by wiping down surfaces and upholstery with products made just for vehicles. If you have a shop vac or handheld vacuum, use it to clean floor mats, in between seat cushions, and inside cupholders to make your car feel new again.

Entertainment Center

The entertainment center is another place you probably missed during spring cleaning. Do you have twenty remote controls? Condense those down to one or two universal remotes and toss any that don’t have a purpose anymore. Check your movie collection for duplicate titles and items that you haven’t watched in a long time.

Storage Unit

Yes, even your storage unit needs a spring cleaning, especially if it’s not climate controlled. Outdoor storage units typically collect dust, debris, and dead insects over the course of a year, so be sure to sweep things out every once in a while.

Linen Closet

We tend to focus on cleaning out spaces that we know get cluttered over time, and linen closets just don’t have that reputation. This means it’s probably been a while since you checked for extra pillowcases, old towels, and torn or stained linens that need replacing.

Before you settle in for the summer, do one last look around your home and see if you missed anything during spring cleaning. Then, you can get back out into that sunshine knowing your house is ready to go for another year.

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