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Whether you are taking pictures with your kids or you have an event coming up, you need to make sure that your smile is as picture perfect as possible. You deserve to smile and make sure that you stand out for all the right reasons in your photos and the best way to do that is to learn how to smile like a pro. 

You don’t want to look unnatural when you smile in photos, and you don’t want to have stained teeth or crooked teeth, too. Using dental tape instead of floss and having your teeth whitened are all important if you want your teeth to look good when you smile in a photograph. Making sure that you feel confident in your photos will make all the difference to your body and your happiness, and here are some of the tips that you need to feel confident when you smile in pictures.

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  1. Watch your placement. If you want to look good in pictures, make sure that your teeth don’t touch each other. It’s a tip that not many are aware of and it’ll make all the difference in your pictures. Don’t clamp your teeth together; keep a small space so that you have a more natural smile.
  2. Smile softly. A forced grin makes you look like the Joker, so smile in a relaxed way. If you turn the high beams on and bare your teeth, you’re going to look like you’re grimacing rather than trying to smile. Be yourself with your smile – it’s beautiful the way it is. Stretching your lips out and your teeth out will make you look scary!
  3. Lick your teeth. No, really. Before you smile, wet your teeth and make them look shiny and bright. All you have to do is run your tongue over your teeth and you can prevent your smile from looking dull and lifeless. Plus, you avoid that sticky issue of a lip sticking to your tooth!
  4. Lift the camera. A clever camera trick for a great photo is going to help you to smile beautifully. Keep the camera just above eye level. An eye level photo is not the most flattering out there! 
  5. Be yourself. The best way to smile in a photo is as naturally as possible. Being yourself and believing in yourself while you do it is going to help you to feel relaxed and it’s going to make your smile much more genuine and happy. One of the biggest secrets to a beautiful smile is to just be you, and know that your current smile is everything you need it to be! 
  6. See a dentist. If you want your smile to be beautiful, you need to regularly see the dentist and ensure that you are taking the best possible care of your teeth in the first place. Good, healthy teeth are those to feel confident with, and you can do that when you see the dentist regularly!

Take care of your teeth and don’t forget – say cheese!

Picture Perfect Smile Tips You Need Today!

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