pass on the savings
pass on the savings

It’s been a few years now since the extreme couponing craze, and most of us have moved on from the obsessive newspaper-collecting and the clipping and snipping of coupons to save the big bucks when we’re out grocery shopping. In recent years, for which trees everywhere are probably thankful, most coupons have moved online, with services such as Groupon and individual savings apps often generated by the stores themselves. There are entire websites devoted to coupon codes to get the most in savings, and some stores have even begun offering “Free Friday Downloads”, where you can receive a free item with another purchase. 

One of the great things about coupons moving primarily online is that nowadays, coupons are for more than just groceries. Sure, we all love saving money on everyday items, but what about those special items, like clothing or other purchases? We want to save money on those, too, probably more so, even. When you’ve got a growing kid who needs clothes every six months, home purchases that need to be made, or everyone in the house suddenly needs a haircut, well…let’s just say coupons can help a lot. 

Below we’ve listed out a few ways to take advantage of coupons, discounts and incentives online for a wide variety of purchases. 

Sign up for Newsletters and Apps

Many online and retail stores offer big incentives, discounts and coupons if you sign up for the newsletter or app. Big box stores like Target and even Dollar General are now offering these incentives, as well as your usual online stores like Zulilly,, and more. Just enter in your email and a few quick details and you’re on your way to getting exclusive savings. 

Even better is that many of these stores also offer reward points, so for every purchase you make, you’ll be saving towards getting a free item, or a discount. 

Coupon Sites

There are hundreds of websites and apps devoted to downloading coupons. Some of these sites use plugins, so you can go directly to the store, do your shopping and then enter in a discount code to immediately reflect in your purchase total. You can find a host of stores on these sites, including Straight Talk phones, Old Navy coupon deals, discounts with Ulta and Bath & Body works, and even magazine subscriptions. Pretty much everything you can imagine. Other sites require you to actually save and print physical coupons that you’ll use in-store. Either way, these sites can save you a lot of money. 

Rewards Apps

These differ a little from the apps that stores create for themselves. Apps like Fetch allow you to scan your receipts from all of your purchases, and for each item you buy that is part of their promotion, you get points. These points accumulate over a period of time, and you can redeem them for gift cards to stores like Amazon, Walmart, and more. It takes a while for points to accumulate, but if you do a lot of shopping, it can really pay off. 

Of course, not everything is done online. You can still find great coupon deals in your local newspaper and in your mailbox once a week, same as always. It still pays to clip these coupons and get the most out of your dollar when you’re out shopping. Good savings never go out of style!

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  1. I used to be an extreme couponer and these are some great ways to save money when shopping.

  2. I used Groupon to buy some really cheap things. It’s a good thing that coupons have moved online. It’s easier and plante friendly. Great article!

  3. I’ve never been a couponer before. It always overwhelmed me. Maybe I should start!

  4. I tried couponing for a while and then gave up because it was too much; though I do every once in a blue moon; but i do use gift card sites and online shopping through discount sites

  5. Thank you for sharing the great information. I want to share one site which I used for huge discounts i.e Its a digital coupon directory that will provide you EXCLUSIVE DEALS and OFFERS instantly! The trend right now is all about saving money at great places, from the most popular restaurants and bars to movies and entertainment. It’s definitely something to get excited about!

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