Parenting isn’t a perfect science. All parents have bad days along with their kids. We can not let the bad days define us as parents. Any good parent will always second guess themselves. You will always have the thoughts like,


“I should have spent more time with my kids today.”

“I shouldn’t have let them play so many video games.”

“I shouldn’t have let them eat that.”

“I should be feeding my kids healthier foods.”

“I should be more involved with my kids school.”


The should list goes on and on. The thing we have to remember is that as long as we are present in our kids lives, love them unconditionally, keep them in a safe home, keep them fed and support their academics and electives, we are at the very least hanging in there as parents.


There is no perfect childhood. All we can do is do the best we can to support and provide for our kids. Hopefully, the love we give them will keep them out of the nuthouse when they are adults. And hopefully, they will be even better parents than us when their time comes.


Cut yourself some slack parents. You are doing alright.

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  1. I needed this today, thank you for this reminder!

  2. OMG YES! This is so true!! Thank you for sharing

  3. Oh, AMEN to that! I have been reminding myself lately that my kids don’t NEED a perfect parent, and “good-enough parenting” is really truly just fine!

  4. What a great reminder it’s so important to remember that it’s always a different adventure with good days and bad

  5. Parenting is a tough thing.. there are so many situations and things evolving.. it is definitely not a science!

  6. There is no such thing as perfect, we can only do our best and that’ is what we need to do.

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