Oral health is one of those things that a lot of us take for granted. Sure, we all brush our teeth every day, but how many times do you actually sit down and think about what you are doing to your pearly whites? 

Good dental hygiene is so important if you want to maintain a winning smile, and today we are going to take a look at a few essential oral health tips you need to know. 

Brush along to a song 

We all know that it is important to brush our teeth twice a day to keep them clean and strong. But what about how long you brush for? If you were to ask for the advice of any dentist such as they would advise you brush for at least 2 minutes to get all of the dirt and tartar off your teeth. One fun tip we can offer is to pick a great tune and brush along with it in the morning and at night. This will force you to brush your teeth for longer and it will also mean that you get to listen to a great song. 

Floss every day 

It is crucial to floss every day if you want to keep your gums from developing issues. Flossing is one of those things that a lot of us know to do, but always forget to bring into our routine. To maintain strong teeth and healthy gums you should absolutely be flossing your teeth every evening to rid them of food and other deposits. It will make a big difference to the overall health of your mouth as well as your breath. 

Use strawberry to whiten 

Whitening your teeth is another thing you can do to help you maintain a winning smile. Teeth whitening when you go to the dentist can be a pricey affair and this is why finding ways to do it at home is great. To make a strawberry whitening paste you need to mask a couple of strawberries along with a few tbsp baking powder. Brush your teeth with this mixture once a day and you’ll soon see a difference in your teeth. 

Know the 30-minute rule 

The most important thing you need to know about oral health is the 30-minute rule after eating any food or drinking anything other than water. NEVER brush your teeth within this first 30 minutes as you could severely damage your enamel and cause some serious issues going forward. Your tooth enamel is not infinite and you need to maintain it throughout your life. When you eat or drink, the enamel becomes soft and if you brush too quickly you can brush your enamel away. Always wait for at least 30 minutes after consuming food or drink to brush and it will keep your teeth white and shiny. 

Use these tips to help you maintain pearly whites throughout your life and you will notice a positive impact on your overall oral health and your smile. 

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