Must-Have Breastfeeding Supplies Every New Mom Needs
Must-Have Breastfeeding Supplies Every New Mom Needs

Packing for the hospital turns quickly into packing the baby bag. Along with the diapers, wipes, and bibs, nursing mothers should include these must-have breastfeeding supplies every new mom needs:

A Water Bottle and Healthy Snacks

While choosing breast pumps and baby bags, expectant moms who plan to nurse their babies may forget about supplies for themselves. Nursing moms need to stay hydrated and provide their bodies with health energy for producing enough breast milk for their babies.

Nursing Bra and Nursing Pads

A good, supportive nursing bra helps new moms cope with having full, heavy breasts. These bras have flaps that open so that you don’t have to take them off to feed your baby. Go for comfort because a too-tight bra can create pressure on your breast that could lead to a plugged duct.

Along with your nursing bras, get a supply of nursing pads. These absorb those inconvenient leaks when you’re away from the baby. Breast milk savers are a new product on the market that collects leaking milk so that you don’t waste it.

Breastfeeding Pillow

Many new Moms swear by a comfortable nursing pillow to help position and support the baby during nursing. These are usually curved so that they fit around the mom’s middle and raise the baby to just the right level to nurse comfortably when seated.

Nursing Cover

Babies need to nurse often, and sometimes, they’ll need to breastfeed when a new Mom is out and about. Pack a versatile breastfeeding cover in your baby bag so that you can stop and nurse your child with privacy even when you’re out in public.

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding can hurt sometimes—nipples get sore and cracked. To prevent or soothe this, look for a baby-safe lanolin nipple cream to treat your nipples and keep them from further cracking.

Breast Pump, Bottles, Storage Bags, and a Cooler

These are essentials for all nursing moms, but they’re especially vital for working moms who may be away from their baby for hours at a time. You’ll need a way to express and store milk safely. At home, you can use breastmilk storage bags. At work, you may prefer bottles stored in a cooler to keep your milk fresh and wholesome. One can freeze breast milk, but be careful about using milk that’s several months old. The composition of breast milk changes to adapt to your growing baby’s needs. Milk expressed when your baby is a newborn may not provide the right nutrition three months later.

Each new mom’s list of must-have supplies for breastfeeding may contain a few different or additional items, like nipple pads intended to draw out inverted nipples or gel cooling pads for sore breasts. Another newer product is an organic cotton tube filled with natural seeds that one can freeze or heat to ease the sensation of swelling or help with let-down or clogged ducts.

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