Monkey See, Monkey Do: Turn Your Fussy Eater to a Healthy Eater


As a mom we want our kids to eat healthy all the time, but doing this could be pretty difficult because kids, especially these days, are becoming more and more of a fussy eater. I’m so glad that there are a lot of self-help parenting websites that gives you noteworthy ideas and tips on how to turn your little fussy eater to a healthy eater.

I have come up with some of the tips that I find really effective and helpful for a stay at home mom like me. These Nursing Degree in Georgia tips won’t be as effective if you don’t put enough effort and patience on it. Turning your kids eating lifestyle will never happen overnight, so remember patience is a virtue.

  1. Don’t be a fussy eater yourself. Remember: Monkey see, monkey do.
  2. When serving kids vegetables try serving them in different colors and cut them in different shapes so that they can create fun images. This makes your kid excited.
  3. If your child rejects the food on the first… second… third attempt… and so on, don’t be discouraged right away. This is where the “patience is a virtue” thing comes in.
  4. Eating healthy is a good deed, and we reward children doing good deeds, right?
  5. Create a story (adventure or fairytale will do) on how important eating healthy foods are. Remember, your child has a very creative imagination and they get easily convinced with stories. The story could be about a child (which is your kid) who got incredibly strong by eating fruits and vegetables. Just try to be imaginative. I’m sure every mom is a great story teller.

Those strategies have been very effective for me, but since each child is unique and you know your kid better, just be creative with your approach. If you have a newborn and you want to save yourself from the troubles of having a fussy eating toddler, then you better start feeding your 6 month old baby with real homemade veggies and as much as possible avoid those instant baby foods from the grocery.

I hope these tips could help you! If you have any tips on how to turn your child into a healthy eater I would love to hear them!



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  1. We are lucky that our kids eat pretty much whatever we give them.. friuts, veg, fish.. they eat it all.

  2. All good tips. I would add the rule that if they truly don’t like the item, then they don’t have to finish it. We rarely have to enforce it, but they like knowing they still have some control over what they put in their mouths.

  3. Great tips. Monkey see monkey do is very true in every aspect with kids. I started making my son’s baby food as soon as I gave him solids. He has continued to eat good as he grows. ANd he will even choose fruit over a cookie anyday,

  4. Thanks for the great tips. I am deal with a super picky almost two year old right now.

    1. I total agree. My parents aren’t fussy and neither am I – except for one or two veggies, I eat everything. And in contrast my cousins can get quite annoying when we have to cook for them because they’re so selective, just like their parents! Monkey do see and do haha

  5. One thing we’ve always done is make sure that there is at least one healthy food item that they will eat included with their meal. Also, we’ve always had a rule that you must at least take “x” number of bites (the x being equal to their age). This was when they were toddlers/preschoolers.

  6. tip #1 is really particular for my family too. My husband and I tend to be such picky eaters but expect our son to be very open. Monkey see monkey do! Gotta be what you want to see 🙂

  7. Great tips! I have some very picky eaters. We have a few rules. You must always try a mouthful even if you have had it before and hate it! (It takes 10 tries to know if you like or dislike it). and You must eat a veggie every meal!

  8. Great tips. I love the story telling part because it can make meal time fun.

  9. a lot of the tips could probably work for “fussy adults” as well…. 😀

  10. […] Before we talk about tricks for your children, though, remember you are your child’s benchmark. If you want your children to eat healthily, it will be a lot easier if you eat the same things they do, particularly if you regularly eat as a family. Remember, “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” […]

  11. I remember those food battles well, although my kids seemed to surprisingly like most vegetables. If they didn’t we asked that they at least take a certain amount of bites of the healthy food that they didn’t like. Four to five bites seemed doable to them.

  12. My niece used to be a fussy eater. As an occasional babysitter I’m glad she grew out of it. Great tips.

  13. I have a picky eater and I find whizzing the veg up in gravy helps to hide the taste. It works a treat.

  14. Seeing their parents eating and enjoying vegetables definitely sets up an example for children. Also, serving them in fun sizes and colors can make dinner time into a game.

  15. These all sound like fantastic ways to help our children eat veggies. I love the idea of making up a story, I’d be totally excited about doing that. Thank you!

  16. great post! a great way to get your kids to do something… ANYTHING! lo games and stories are great methods in achieving this

  17. these are all great tips an amazing way to get kids to do something

  18. Lovely tips! Eating healthy foods is really important especially for kids I’m sure all parents would love this post! 🙂

  19. These are great tips to cultivate healthy eating habits in the family!

  20. These are great tips to cultivate healthy eating habits in the family!

  21. Great tips! My boy has a big appetite, but will not eat veg! Will try these.

  22. Children do need something to distract them so that they don’t make a fuss while eating. These tips are really worth sharing with parents.

  23. I am a preschool teacher and I have a picky eater in the class. He doesn’t like eating school lunch (preschool here in Japan is 4.5 hours with an hour for lunch, play, and brush the teeth). He only eats warm rice, sausage, fried noodles, and fish. I would ask his mom to pack a lunch but mom is super busy is with a baby (and four other kids). I want him to eat more variety but he is too picky.

  24. It depends on the practice from a very early stage. Making them eat healthy meals is always a good for their health.

  25. I remember those days, my older daughter was such a picky eater and even now at 23, she is still a picky eater and I have tried everything.

  26. Good points. I have such a picky eater. I still struggling after so many years and my hope is one day because he sees I eat healthy he will change and do it. yes, patience is a virtue! Thanks for sharing

  27. This reminds me childhood memories. I was very selective at that time and my mother always tried to feed me as much as she can. Anyway, some good tips I got which I will apply to my future kids. lol 😛

  28. Thanks For Great Tips Pal Appreciate it.

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