Mom Elite “Comes Out” at Pridefest


Mom Elite Comes Out at Pridefest

I have always considered myself to be an ally to my LGBTQ friends. My family and I always try to attend Pridefest in our hometown. To be a smaller city in a red state, our community sure knows how to throw a Pridefest.

Pridefest starts with what I consider Pride Month. There are events all throughout the month that lead up to the festival. Lots of meetups, dinners out at local supporting restaurants, concerts, etc.

The festival kicks off with a parade through downtown Knoxville. It is one of the most festive parades I’ve been to. And it is kid friendly. My kids have always considered the Pride Parade to be one of their favorite parades.

After the parade we all gather for the festival in World’s Fair Park where we enjoy a day of music, food, visiting lots of cool vendors and just hanging out with friends. It might be hot outside, but this is an event we always try to attend.

So there it is, I am proudly out as an ally. I love my LGBTQ friends!

2 thoughts on “Mom Elite “Comes Out” at Pridefest”

  1. Our country has come a long way, but has so much further to go. I think it’s sad that anyone is discriminated against just because they do not live the way we think they should

  2. getmorepc – Knoxville, TN – Daniel Buchanan is an IT Consultant in Knoxville, TN doing Network and Systems Administration and developing applications for the web, mobile devices, and virtual reality using the Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift.

    This was a great year for Pridefest in 2014! This year was almost like doing a victory lap with all the advances made in the last year in all the states! Congratulations to all in attendance!

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