DJI Mavic Pro

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Look out everyone, we have a drone!! My husband and I are techy nerds. And no techy nerd is complete without a drone. We have started our love of drones with a DJI Mavic Pro.

My husband watched countless YouTube videos and read many reviews before deciding on the Mavic Pro. He wanted something that captured 4K video, had a great range and was small and compact. He got all of those things in the Mavic Pro.

So far in our time that we’ve had our little drone I’ve let my husband do most of the driving. I honestly still get nervous flying our expensive little toy around power lines and trees. For the most part, I just enjoy watching him fly. I’m sure I’ll get more comfortable with flying after we take the Mavic to a field to perfect the controls.

Spending our Sunday morning getting drone footage of our local middle school that was built in 1893. #drones

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My husband likes to think of it as playing a video game, since he play a lot of those like CSGO, with the help of sites like He can see where the drone is through the app that is running on his phone and connected to the controller. The controller has a fairly decent battery life. We have yet to kill the battery on the controller while flying.

Now the battery life for the drone itself is a different story. The max life on the drone battery is 30 minutes. If you are wanted to do any extended flying I highly recommend buying a couple of extra batteries to have on hand.

You might want to buy a little bigger micro sd card as well. 4K video can fill up a card pretty fast. Don’t let space be a limiting factor for getting great content.

DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic Pro is a smooth flight, providing smooth footage. It’s super fun to fly around and can go as high as 400 meters. Just be sure to read the rules and regulations on where you can and can’t fly. We found out pretty quickly that you are NOT allowed to fly in state parks without permission from the park manager.

Do I have any fellow drone flyers as readers? I would love to hear your thoughts on flying and see some of the content you’ve captured!

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  1. Awesome videos! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the Mavic Pro. Perhaps it’s time to get one for myself. LOL

  2. Flying a drone is not easy…and you captured an awesome image too. Great job with this review.

  3. Great post! The Mavic Pro is one of my favorite drones. Can’t wait to try the Mavic Air soon!

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