Indoor Activities for Cold Days With Kids

As the days grow colder, you and your children may be less inclined to explore the outdoors. Depending on where you live, consistently venturing outside in the frigid winter can be more hassle than fun. Instead, try these indoor activities for cold days with kids.

Bake a Warm Treat

Though your children may not be old enough to help with everything in the kitchen, baking is a relatively simple task that gives them a sweet reward. Hot food goes well with cold days, so pull out the baking sheets and whip up some cookies, brownies, or other seasonal goodies. Your children can help you stir, spread, and shape your treats. This activity will keep them entertained for some time, and they will have a great surprise waiting for them at the end!

Pull Out Some Seasonal Crafts

There are dozens of easy and fun DIY seasonal crafts that you can do with your children. Whether you throw something together with what you have at home or plan a more intricate activity with specific materials, crafting is the perfect way to engage your children’s creativity and energy. They will not only work to make their crafts well, but they will have a final product they can be proud of. You can even put it on the fridge or display it around your home.

Play Board Games Together

Games are an age-old opportunity to pass the time while having fun. If your children have a favorite game, pull it out and play with them for an hour or two. Or let them pick out a new game at the store to learn and play together. Board games are a simple and effective way to keep your children away from screens and entertained while engaging with others.

Write Letters To Your Family

People tend to write letters less nowadays, which makes receiving one even more meaningful. Pull out some stationery and art supplies, and ask your children to write messages to your family members—their grandparents are sure to love receiving them. Encourage your kids to include a drawing or picture. Help them address and seal the envelope properly before sending the letters off!

Build With Blankets

Blankets and pillows are soft and fun engineering materials for every child. Pull a few items from your couch, bed, and closet to furnish your children with a wide array of construction options. You can build a classic blanket fort and have lunch inside, or you can make a padded obstacle course for them to run through. Building with blankets is a fun way for your kids to enjoy an afternoon inside.

Use these indoor activities for cold days with kids, and see which ones they like the most. Though you will always look for new things to do with them, you can have a few of these golden ideas on rotation.


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