Hygiene Tips for New Dog Owners
Hygiene Tips for New Dog Owners

A dog will naturally know how to clean itself in some capacity, but that doesn’t mean that they can make sure they are as clean as they should be. The type of hygiene tips for new dog owners may depend on which type of breed you go with. Some dogs shed fur and don’t need haircuts, while others may not need their nails clipped. Regardless, consider a few of the necessities to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Playing Around

It’s easy to throw your dog a ball and let them run wild with it. Playing keeps them occupied and helps them keep active, but it’s also easy to forget that their toys need to be safe for them to play with.

Wash Their Toys

Any toy of theirs, whether it’s a bouncy ball or chew toy, can get covered in harmful germs and particles picked up from the ground. Make sure to regularly wash their toys so they don’t pick up anything unhealthy or harmful while playing around.

Regular Trips To the Groomer

Your pup can be cleaned and washed at home, but sometimes it’s easier or just a necessity to take them to a professional groomer. Groomers can cut and style your dog’s hair, clip their nails, and wash them thoroughly.

Leave it To the Professionals

Dog groomers have the tools and training to keep your dog safe while they get all cleaned up. Trying to do more complicated grooming at home may cause more harm to your pet than good. For instance, there are small nerve endings in the nails of dogs, which, when clipped, can cause your pup a lot of pain. It’s easy to miss something like that at home, thus making a groomer the safer option.

Seal up Their Food

Just like the food we eat, dog food can be prone to mold and other harmful bacteria if left exposed to the open air. Food that is left in your dog’s bowl overnight should be thrown out; it’s the same principle we use with our own food.

Control What and How They Eat

Know what the healthiest serving size is for your pup and refrigerate any open can of dog food. Putting the whole can out at once can lead to throwing it out the next morning or can result in pet obesity if you don’t know the proper portions for your dog.

Be Aware of Their Health

Even though you want what’s best for them, it can be easy to neglect your dog’s health needs. We tend to think that dogs can control themselves and know what’s best. However, what new dog owners need to know is that their dog’s health is largely determined by the choices they make as an owner.

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