How You Can Make Household Chores Fun for a Child

Whether you’re six or 60, spending an afternoon doing household chores can be a drag. But for children in particular, they might feel like you’re punishing them by asking them to put their dirty clothes away. Learning how to make household chores fun for a child may motivate them to tidy up.

On the Hunt

One of the most failsafe ways to do something fun with your children is to execute a scavenger hunt. Kids love to turn into explorers and cross things off a scavenger list. Some tasks to include on the hunt are finding the missing sock or collecting dirty towels. Regardless of the mission, a hunt can motivate the kiddos to become proactive in their cleaning efforts, especially if there’s a reward.

Surprise, Surprise

What better way to conclude a scavenger hunt than a pot of gold at the end of the clean rainbow? Adding a surprise for certain chores will make any kid’s day.

While it depends on their age and interests, stickers, snacks, and other knickknacks they find appealing should bring a smile. And if it results in an uncluttered home, it’s a win-win situation.

Beating the Clock

Children inherently love to race. After all, the “last one to do something is a rotten egg” game continues to live through several generations. You can use this to your benefit by putting a clock on a chore.

If you have only one child, you might have to get more creative with your motivational tactics. However, you can make it all about bragging rights if you have two or more. Pitting them against each other in a mano-a-mano showdown for the ages will have them moving at record speed. OK, it doesn’t have to be that serious, but nevertheless.

Say you’re trying to declutter and organize your children’s playroom. Try putting a 15-minute clock to see who can declutter the fastest, and you should be able to see the floor once the clock hits zero.

Money Talks

When worst comes to worst, you can always use that ace up your sleeve—money. This is probably best for older children who understand the concept of money and the value behind doing work, but it’s a viable option if you want something done.

Younger children should learn that doing chores doesn’t deserve payment, as it’s more a family duty than anything else. Still, it’s always there as an option if you so desire.

Surely, you could think of more fun, creative ways to make household chores fun for a child. Everyone is different, and what might work for someone else may not hit home for you. As long as you cater to your child’s interests, they can have fun, which is a huge plus.

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